Bad Graffiti


Lisa from everydayphotos shares some tragic news:

I was pretty bummed to see A Sunday Afternoon at Dolores Park get defaced already. I’ve watched the mural on 19th and Guerrero be painted over several months and it was finally just completed, so it’s too bad that someone couldn’t just graffiti somewhere else.

Additionally, Musk, whose body of work I’ve generally appreciated, ate a big bowl of pasta covered in lamesauce over the past few days and tagged a bunch of residential buildings and houses in the Mission.  Sorry Musk, but you’ve been degraded from “street artist” to “15-year-old boy with mommy issues.”


45 Responses to “Bad Graffiti”

  1. Wade M says:

    “a big bowl of pasta covered in lamesauce” <- That's lame.

  2. larry says:

    i agree super lame. I was there yesterday morning :( .

  3. EK says:

    this TOTALLY sucks. that’s one of my favorite murals in the city and it seems like the artist’s been working on it for at least a year.

  4. themacinator says:

    seriously. i spend all this time sticking up for graff, and the unspoken rules for people who also want to stick up for graff as street art that has any kind of place in the city are “don’t deface murals” and “leave the houses alone.” well. shit.

    • fsharp says:

      There are no unspoken rules. Murals, old lady’s houses, classic cars, kids toys, school windows, they are all game. As long as someone worked hard to make something beautiful, it WILL be tagged with some “artist’s” name.

  5. loosecharm says:

    Fuck taggers, stupid & thoughtless. Just what we need. Useless fuckers.

    • does allen work here anymore? kevin youre touristy approach is losing you readers. and quick! turn down the suck, we say. just turn down that loud sucking sound.

      musk was never a street artist you fucking pedestrian. mission mission talking about graffiti is like united airlines operating the ferry service to tiburon. it just makes no sense.

      just stick to covering valencia street gentrification and food carts and the cirlce jerk you have with benders and youll be just fine.

      meanwhile, i am going to head over to mission local where real reportings on the real mission takes places every single day.

      maybe you should too and take some damn notes.

  6. Jeff says:

    This broke my heart as I walked by the day after it was vandalized.
    Instead of just taking a couple hundred dollars and someone’s afternoon to fix, this fucker destroyed months of someone’s time and energy.

    You can either try to make this world a better place or you can help destroy it, which side do you want to be on?

    Any one know who this tagger is?

  7. Anna says:

    So SAD. I hate that somebody did that :O(

  8. Sunday, by the blue purple yellow red water
    On the green purple yellow red grass
    Let us pass through our perfect park
    Pausing on a Sunday

    • loosecharm says:

      I believe that lovers should be tied together,
      Thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather,
      Left there to drown,
      Left there to drown in their innocence

      But as for me I’m coming to the final chapter,
      I’ve read all of the pages and there’s still no answer,
      The only words before I know will soon come after,
      It’s the only way it can be.

  9. BeReal says:

    Am I the only one who thought that that particular mural sucks? I agree, it’s unfortunate that it got tagged over, but honestly, it was trash to begin with. With all the quality murals in the Mission, you’d think that they could have gotten a better artist to put something on that wall.

  10. fsharp says:

    Why does this street art blog suddenly give a shit about this?
    I don’t see the difference between these tags and all the other tags you love & celebrate so much as art.

  11. I saw this yesterday and was bummed out to. I was actually gonna take a pic of it today and send it to you all. Glad someone already did.

  12. Mission Mistaken says:

    Its like Mao attacking Pol Pot over his particular brand of genocide. OK, maybe I’m overstating. Let’s try again: Its like Chris Daly berating CW Nevius cause he lives in Walnut Creek. There. That’s better.

    • olu says:

      what? not really. not really all. The mural was there to prevent tagging, and was put up in cooperation with Sam the owner of the corner store. So this isn’t like two kinds of the same thing.

      So the tagging in fact defaced a commissioned art piece AND a store owner’s property that he is liable for.

      It goes w/ out saying that tagging a mural is bullshit of the highest order.

      • fsharp says:

        Olu, I think Mission Mistaken was pointing out how this blog, which has always supported tagging of all kinds in the past, is suddenly attacking 2 taggers. It’s upsidedownland at Mission Mission!

      • Allan Hough says:

        Mission Mission has not “supported tagging of all kinds in the past.” We like some tags. We don’t like others. We’re all about the grey area.

  13. ben says:

    Funny, you thought it was awesome when someone did this:

    So, what’s the precise policy on defacing property that isn’t yours? If it’s some bullshit that appeals to some preening douchebag in a trucker hat, it’s cool?

  14. GefilteFish says:

    Yeah, can’t have it both ways. You stick up for tagging, you stick up for tagging. I, for what it’s worth, love that mural and watched it come into existence over months and months around the corner from my house. The only defense for the tagger is one that’s based in some distinctly 21st century nihilistic shit, which I don’t buy.

  15. andy says:


  16. 17 year local says:

    wow. it surprises me to read such a blind death sentence.
    how about, “death to all investment bankers” or maybe “death to all kindergarden teachers” do either of those sound reasonable?? it’s lame to wish death on anyone. vandals or not.

  17. Heather says:

    The tagging of a mural or a home is horrible. But if this tag was not on a mural or a home but someone’s business it would be cool?


  18. Punk Rita says:

    lame, lame, lame. tagging is so lame. I really wish the city was more vigilant about it and would prosecute these criminals to the fullest extent of the law. one can always dream.

    also, I agree with andy. sorry!

  19. Bjorn Toulousse says:

    Is a hue and cry for hand amputation and capital punishment really a mature, let alone equitable, response to someone applying less than a millimeter of acrylic pigment to a painted surface? Think about it.

  20. Bjorn Toulouse says:

    Most ‘murals’ in SF are temporary anyway…just on a different time-scale. Any property owner can paint them over at any time. But you can’t fuck with dollars and deeds, right. There are also respected muralists who don’t get toyed-up. Ever notice how Jet Martinez’ stuff doesn’t get messed with? Ever notice there are super- toy muralists running amuck in SF? There are so many bad murals in the world – AND THEY NEED TO BE PUNISHED. But back the point – it’s interesting that Citizens get so pissed about a little tag and allow rapists to keep there hands and foreheads free of tattoos. I guess graffiti is more important because it’s a property crime and property is more valuable than humans are. S.F where life is cheap, but living’s expensive.

  21. sangroncito says:

    i’d like to slowly stuff a wet rag down that tagger’s throat.

  22. jon says:

    if you dont like graffiti then why the fuck did you dumb fucks move here. the is a city its not some suburd small town. and chances are graffiti was a part of this city long before you were and its gonna be here after you leave.

  23. great person says:

    Uh can’t the muralist just paint over it. He has a legal right to if he got permission in the first place. He unlike graffiti artist can even do it in the day time. Maybe put a protectant gloss on it. None of you ever talk about the answer. Just blame others. That sucks right?

  24. Mike says:

    Oh, now taggers are artists. Riiiiight. Because it takes so much talent and creativity to spray paint one’s intials on a wall.

    It’s more like they’re self-centered assholes, shitting on other people’s things. Subway cars, walls, kiosks and other urban elements belong to us all. Spray your bedroom walls if you want but leave our things alone.

    Taggers should be caught and tagged on the forehead with a knife, Inglourious Basterds” style.

  25. SandraKay says:

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