Ghetto Frida’s Mission Memories Already Vandalized, Vandals Having Bowel Problems

ghetto frida I need to Fart

Ghetto Frida’s Mission Memories has only been up for a month, but it’s already pretty trashed.  Lame.

ghetto frida graffiti

photo 3

Bad Graffiti


Lisa from everydayphotos shares some tragic news:

I was pretty bummed to see A Sunday Afternoon at Dolores Park get defaced already. I’ve watched the mural on 19th and Guerrero be painted over several months and it was finally just completed, so it’s too bad that someone couldn’t just graffiti somewhere else.

Additionally, Musk, whose body of work I’ve generally appreciated, ate a big bowl of pasta covered in lamesauce over the past few days and tagged a bunch of residential buildings and houses in the Mission.  Sorry Musk, but you’ve been degraded from “street artist” to “15-year-old boy with mommy issues.”