Who is the Mission's Most Famous Resident?


Jared Leto.  Definitely Jared Leto.

(Sign at the J&J Salon on Mission/24th)

3 Responses to “Who is the Mission's Most Famous Resident?”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    Wow, MM, it looks like Fame Foundry is doing a bott or some such nasty thing to your website. You know, when people think its ok to insert their agenda into a place you have worked hard to make inviting and attractive? Wow, it must feel like Dolores Park feels to its long time fans, donors and daily nurturers, when some butt hole decides its their prerogative to trash the place. Gosh, this must hurt.

  2. mai says:

    i’m gonna go with meric long, only because i want to call him out and i heard he’s shy. (hi meric!!)

  3. Senora Obscura says:

    Jeez mister, don’t disrespect MM in the presence of Jared Leto.