Street Food Pizza – Only $15!

I’m not going to lie, I really want to rag on a fad that allows people to sell unpermitted food on the sidewalk for $15 dollars, but, hot damn, the Frankenweber and the pizza that comes out of it looks so fucking good.

(YouTube link (warning: crazy techno music) – Street foodie on twitter: Pizzahacker)

11 Responses to “Street Food Pizza – Only $15!”

  1. mawkus says:

    I have a great idea to get rich, and quick! Based on two simple facts:
    1) Street food is totally hot right now
    2) Pupusas are also all the rage
    –> So I’m going to sell Pupusas on the street. All I need are some Pupusas, a cart, and a salesperson or two to do the work. I’ll provide the rest.

  2. shawnbot says:

    Hey, Jeff is my downstairs neighbor! He’s been perfecting his techniques in our backyard all year. Glad to see him getting props for his obviously mad pizza making talent.

  3. jimbeam says:

    Yeah dude, that pizza is legit. Easily worth the price. I have had it and it is delicious.

  4. Bodah says:

    all well and fine, but I can get the same (a better?) pizza at Delfina for 3.50 less.

    • Bodah,
      I totally understand this criticism, but I think you are comparing apples to oranges.
      I love Delfina (it is my goto pizzeria and where I tell people to go), but I think I provide an entirely different experience. It’s like seeing a band live vs. listening to a record (both great, just different).
      1. I’m bringing my pizza to the park, which is great when you really want to hangout in the park
      2. You are with me while I prepare and bake it (more basil? no problem, half soppresata? why not, extra crispy on half? ok)
      3. I pick each dry farmed heirloom tomato that goes into my pies.
      4. I knead my naturally fermented dough by hand in a very labor intensive process (a la tartine) and I think in this way my pie is superior to Delfina
      5. I designed and built the oven (and some people love to talk about that)
      6. I use oak from used wine barrels
      7. On the cost side, after tax, tip, SFHealth (5%?) maybe a glass of wine- well you get the point
      8. If I don’t think the pizza is “great” I knock $5 off
      9. People talk to me and each other, it’s true community

      On Delfina’s side:
      1. It is comfortable and climate controlled
      2. You can order appetizers, entrees, drinks and salads
      3. There is a bathroom
      4. Pizzas are consistently great
      5. You can sit in a chair, with a table and napkins
      6. You have a choice of many different pies
      7. It’s legal
      8. It’s Delfina!

  5. johnny0 says:

    I love Delfina, but have you ever had a pizza that was cooked at 1000 degrees? It makes a hell of a difference.

  6. sarkarati says:

    the tomato sauce is reeeeeaaaaaaally good. that’s all i got.

  7. Actually, the first couple times I went out I left the pricing to my French friend, he charged $20/pie- damn, I miss that guy.

    • sarkarati says:

      that guy charged me $20 AND asked my cousin for her phone number! she never called him back though . . . hehe.

  8. Trevor Hart says:

    Hey Jeff.

    I just saw Ah Nom Nom’s youtube thingy on you and am very impressed by you using fresh local ingredients on your pizzas. They look great! I handmake buffalo mozzarella from fresh milk and sell them at local farmers markets the next day.

  9. biph says:

    Looks good! We have been making pies like this on our bbq for years. it is so easy to make a good pizza. Here are a few tips:
    * use any bbq with a lid, get temp steady and hot.
    * roll dough thinly onto parchment paper, then put on pizza screen. remove paper about half way through. Or you can make that quasi-pizza oven thing.
    * precook anything that would be good with cheese and bread– those are your toppings. Experiment.