The Mission Finally Has Late-Night Bike Delivery: TCB Courier Service


This is genius:

We’ve just started the missions first late night delivery service. We deliver pretty much anything you need.. Want a burrito and its 1145 and your drunk at the bar.. call us.. Need two gallons of milk, some rubber gloves and a dental damn… call us..

This is the brain child of two messengers that got sick and tired of sitting around downtown on standby all day, and decided to make something happen. There is late night delivery in NYC, Boston, Philly, and tons of other city’s, SF needs to get some.

And the reviews are in:

i was the first customer! we used TCB to pick up and deliver a pizza from a place that won’t deliver. A great idea, and I’m stoked that it’s Chas.

Ye333eeessss broooooh

Full disclosure: I don’t know Chas personally (one of the service’s proprietors), but he and his friend crushed the Mission Mission Alleycat yesterday, beating out the next finisher by 29 minutes.  Boy can ride a bike.

(Link – TCB Courier | Open 6pm-12am 415.797.2255)

23 Responses to “The Mission Finally Has Late-Night Bike Delivery: TCB Courier Service”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    If I need an SF Cop, will they bike one over from Mission Station?

  2. olu says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this kind of thing for a long time. I just hope it sticks.

  3. sea cliff vert ramp says:

    Didn’t Kozmo or whatever the hell it was called do the same thing circa 1999?

    • mumbles says:

      Yeah Kozmo did this but from what I hear they tried to expand too fast and went under. I loved their service.

      Hopefully these guys will last.

  4. Jackie says:

    I love their name…TCB in a flash! Great idea.

  5. plumpy says:

    Chas said they’re mostly focusing on the night (for now), but they’ll gladly deliver during the day too if someone is available. So just call and find out!

  6. plumpy says:

    p.s., ladies: Chas is hot.

    • Mission Mistaken says:

      plumpy, darling, its the Mission. You would get a lot more mileage saying: “p.s. boys, Chas is hot AND UNAVAILABLE! (which makes him even hotter. And girls, they are looking for a hottie for the ladies, too…”

      Get a clue.

      • double_bubble says:

        oh, but he’s still super cute. go, chas, go! <3 maybe it'll inspired some of his brethren to cutify themselves a bit…can't hurt, anyway, to call a spade a spade.

  7. Jocelyne says:

    It’s about time someone brought this back, kosmo rocked it for a little while while I was living in Seattle. Wishing these guys luck!

  8. Stan Heller says:

    Kozmo’s problem was it did not have a minimum delivery. You could order a candy bar and they would deliver it. There was no way to make money with that model.

    • Stan Heller says:

      and by minimum delivery, I of course mean, minimum amount of money you had to spend to make the service cost effective.

    • olu says:

      they also had a huge staff being paid outrageous (for what they were doing) salaries – and they were trying to cover the whole city…

      this seems more manageable – how hard can it be to pick up MSF and deliver it two blocks away because you’re trying to watch 30 rock?

  9. Cabron says:

    Whats the charge?

  10. "Dave" says:

    I like the sound of this but I don’t exactly get the business model, based on what they say on the site:

    “The restaurant pays the courier a flat fee to keep them in the area and on call. This $20 guarantees unlimited delivery within the service zone from 6pm to 12am.”

    Clearly, they are targeting the restaurant (not the consumer) to collect their fees. This means that the consumer can only order stuff from the restaurants that have paid the $20/night retention fee, right? Like

    Anyway, if I read it correctly, it can be very cool but only if a bunch of merchants sign up and then you probably can only order for those specific merchants. Otherwise, they’d have to charge YOU $20 to deliver your rubber gloves at midnight, right?

    I hope they will wear some kevlar, just in case.

  11. Lapidgeon says:

    Finally an easy way to get to meet the ladies. No longer will I have to find them, I can just call these guys and for 20 bucks get them delivered right to me. Dental DAMN GINA!

  12. tcbcourier says:

    We are updating out website now with consumer pricing, but for future reference:

    We charge $6 per point to point delivery before midnight, with a $1 surcharge for every additional stop before the drop. (I.E. if you want a burrito, but also want some cigs and toilet paper from the store, it will cost $7.)

    After midnight its $10+, depending on the situation.

    For specific price inquiries, please give us a call at 415-797-2255 or email us at

    Thanks and hope to hear from you!
    TCB Courier

  13. will says:

    service to hayes & divis?

  14. "Dave" says:

    Awesome. Now it makes total sense… Thanks, tcbcourier. Do you guys also intend to post a map of your delivery area?

  15. CAIR says:

    whos chas’s friend that came in with him at the end… you know the guy in the murder jersey…i think hes single too!

  16. All The Ladiez says:

    Can the ladies request Chas to deliver the goods?

  17. +++ says:

    “deliver the goods” heh heh heh.

  18. Good to see courier services all over.

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