Flash Flood at 18th and Shotwell

Oh geez.  Would you look at this?

This insane flash flood’s  going down at 18th and Shotwell!

Thanks to Chris for sending in the footage. Chris writes:

A co-worker and I were running back to the office after lunch when a flash flood stopped us at 18th and Shotwell. Manhole covers were pushed aside as water gushed from the street. Bad day to not have boots!


8 Responses to “Flash Flood at 18th and Shotwell”

  1. Neo Displacer says:

    Mission Creek runs under there. Go to burrito justice for the full story of the underground creeks

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  3. johnny0 says:

    Whoops — wrong mother nature link.

  4. Old School says:

    That’s a pretty sweet video. But it’s not a flash flood. OH YOU OLD FARTS AND YOUR DEFINITIONS.

  5. Mission Mistaken says:

    Our friends at Stable Cafe (Folsom between 18th & 17th) has a totally shitty day. Go and have lunch there. They need our support. Plus the food is really good, and they are really nice people.

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  7. Cee says:

    …and our taxes are spent how…?

    • johnny0 says:

      Your taxes are spent quite well, actually. The SF combo storm/sewer system is designed to handle 0.8 inches an hour, and this storm dumped 0.7 inches in 20 minutes. I can only guess your reaction to the tax hike necessary to triple the sewer flow capacity.

      More here on the surprisingly hip SF Sewers blog.

  8. La Wade says:

    I live a couple of blocks from there and our basement flooded. It sucked.