Between The Streets at The Secret Alley

Between The Streets
This Friday and Saturday (10/23 and 10/24) the weirdos over at The Secret Alley are bringing together the most glorious music, movies, magic, art and street food in the immediate area. (I should note that I am one of these weirdos)

Friday night the doors open at 5pm with performances starting at 6pm. (early birds get the prime seats in the tree house) Saturday the doors open at 2pm and we go into the night.

You can listen to bands like Dot Punto, The Yellow Dress, Boyz IV Men, Queen Victoria and Commissure play music.

You can watch short movies by people like Ashley Lauren Saks, Casimir Fornalski and Tom Little.

You can enjoy art by people like Alfonso Kellenberger, Brian McDonald and Sonya Derman.

You can get food from vendors like Pizza Hacker, Sexy Soup Lady, Soul Cocina and Smitten Ice Cream.

A full list of participants and a schedule appears on our website. It will be a super fun two days and we’re really excited to show you all what we’ve been working on for the past few years. Please come by and say hi.

We will also be raffling off either a filmmaking class or a day of studio time at the impressive studios of The San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking.

4 Responses to “Between The Streets at The Secret Alley”

  1. carlos says:

    yeaahh!! commissure! i’m stoked

  2. Refuserysm says:

    Love the fact you have one of the most destructive graff writers on the top of this page….. Rock it Ribity!

  3. proginre says:

    hundreds of band and orchestral voices.) you will only need two piano lessons with a teacher per week to succeed. too bad those kids who complained about their boring piano lessons never found out how much fun this can be! wurlitzer is still popular to all music lovers in the middle class.

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