Waiting For Hockney at the Roxie


SF Doc Fest is in full effect!

I read through some of the film descriptions and Waiting for Hockney, in particular, caught my eye.  Here’s a synopsis from the site:

Back in the ’90s, illustrator Billy Pappas had a portrait idea to wow the world. The only problem was that it would require a 20x magnifying glass to draw, for seven hours a day, for the next eight and a half years. After four years, he creates a sling system to overcome arm fatigue. After five years, his family and friends fear for his sanity. On top of this near-impossible endeavor, he’s determined to show his masterpiece to the famous and reclusive modern artist David Hockney, the one person that Billy believes can justify a decade of work. A film of both nail-biting suspense and pure old-fashioned grit.

Tonight at 9:15 at the Roxie!  $11, dudes.

Did you ever see that Daniel Johnston documentary?  DJ’s obsession with Laurie reminds me of the Hockney fixation described above.

Hockney is this guy, btw:


Go see it!

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