Blondies' Has Music & Booze

Daaang.  Joshua writes in with a treatise on Blondies’ Bar & No Grill, Mission bars in gen, and his band Neighbors.  Sometimes these posts just write themselves, people:

have you guys ever been to blondies?

the band Little Wings played there last sunday night, pretty amazing set, for such a small place, they’ve got an amazing sound system. They’re more known for their martinis than the live shows they put on but their promoter, Alex Gallagher has been putting on some big name acts mixed in with local bands that aren’t doing that whole “GARAGE / NOISE” bs, musicians more interested in music than hipsters.
The martinis are amazing though, stuffed olives (ginger / jalapeno / bleu cheese & some other stuff I can’t remember), they use top shelf gins & serve it in a 16oz glass for 11 bucks. Which means you can split it up into two drinks, one for you & one for someone special.
Mainly, I wanted to show you guys this.
that’s the flier for the show being put on by Blondies next
sunday, October 25th.
Ashley, Eden & myself are in the band called Neighbors.
We’ve been playing around lately, Kimos, the Knockout,
last thursday, the Hemlock. Even still, we like Blondies
best, it has the mission feel without any of the pretense that
one might recieve if youwere to say, wear the wrong style
jacket into the Knockout. NO THANKS!!!! you know?
its just a good neighborhood bar, like El Rio.

Whew. Feel free to wear whatever style jacket you want at Blondies’ while slammin back an $11 double.

Thanks for writing in, J! And way to sell an idea. I actually had no idea Blondies’ put on shows.

13 Responses to “Blondies' Has Music & Booze”

  1. Bjorn Teuleuse says:

    dear Neighbors,
    sounds like noise/karaoke to me…it seems that you’ll do all the blondie’s haters a favor if you keep playing your music there. Order their burger, it’s the best thing they have to offer…

  2. Sheabones says:

    Sounds like a rad show but Blondies’ is not even half as rad as El Rio!

  3. andy says:

    dear neighbors,

    have you heard of a bar called medjool? its really awesome and doenst have any dirty people or hipsters. the martinis there have dick cheese in them and oh they are so delicious. maybe you would like to play there?

    or better yet. why dont you not put down other places and other bars and pigeon hole people in terms of their musical and sartorial interests. i agree that sometimes the “scene” at any given venue can be a bit tiresome. hell, people grow up and stop wearing stupid smelly wolf shirts. believe me, i know.

    but i think you could do a better job at saying what you are instead of what you are not, and doing so would make you more friends and fans than annoyed blog readers.

    best of luck

    • buzz says:

      your comments are befuddling. you are looking to find fault with a post where there really is none. it must be all the dick cheese you have been imbibing at medjool.

  4. Dan says:

    Those shows at Blondies are fun. You guys don’t like fun? Bjorn and Andy are probably bored a lot.

  5. Bjorn Toulousse says:

    I went there once and heard no Plastic Letters or Parallel Lines at all. WTF?

  6. jimbeam says:

    Does no one else find blondie’s to have a date-rapey ambiance?

  7. chalkman says:

    Important Safety Tip: Don’t Drink that 3rd Blondies Martini….there’s a reason Blondies always smells like puke…

  8. Craig says:

    Dear Neighbors,

    You guys aren’t very good at all. Blondie’s is alright, but I don’t even know how you got a show in this city anyway. It just goes to show how much a band can get when they make friends with the bookers at these places.

  9. Isore says:

    anyone can play at Blondies – believe that…some even pay to play….remember Rockin Robin’s? yep.

  10. nicole says:

    nobody has EVER paid to play a show at Blondie’s!

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