Halloween Recap

Since I’ve never seen a trick or treater on Capp before, I rolled over to Fair Oaks, which apparently is the sugary hotspot of the Mission.  I learned a few interesting things that night: 1) there are way more kids in the Mission than I thought and 2) I didn’t know I could eat 10 Reeses peanut butter cups in a sitting.

Most importantly, this kid’s sandwich costume might be the most badass thing I’ve ever seen.


Even wearing Converse kicks.  It’s like the Mission Taco met Mr. Pickles.

More Mission Halloween after the jump.

Apparently the shoe shine guy at 24th and Mission was making Jason masks (thanks Laura!):


And someone was handing these out at 24th and Mission:


7 Responses to “Halloween Recap”

  1. Eric says:

    10 Reeses Peanut butter cups? Talk about clogging your arteries.

  2. chalkman says:

    The people of Fair Oaks absolutely rule. My kids have a wonderful time on Halloween every year thanks to Fair Oaks

  3. stiiv says:

    The Mission is filled with children. They’re just out during the day.

    That’s when that big glowing orb is in the sky.

  4. Sangroncito says:

    Does anyone who lives on Capp Street between 22nd and 23rd know what happened to the guy who fell from the roof while jumping between buildings around midnight on Halloween night? The guy and his friends left a party on Capp and jumped between and ran over the top of all the houses on the block. While jumping one of the guys missed his step and fell almost four floors to the ground. We all came running out of our houses because we heard the commotion on the roof and heard the guy’s friends searching for him in the dark spaces between the buildings. The police and fire trucks came and cut open a locked gate to get to him. He was taken to SF General in bad shape….I wonder if he survived. What a bad way to end Halloween night.

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