Anarchy in the B of A

Anarchy has  a cool logo, I guess, but I prefer Obama’s Gotham typeface.  Less messy.

Thanks to Rachel for sending.  Photo & title from jerkhaircut on Flickr.

5 Responses to “Anarchy in the B of A”

  1. Glenparker says:

    Somebody’s been watching V for Vendetta a little too much

  2. mcas says:

    On Halloween, someone smashed every window and posted a Foreclosure Notice at the B of A on Fell Street…

  3. Mission Mistaken says:

    BOFA these days is so addled that Anarchy might actually be an apt description. But pink? Pink slip, maybe.

  4. carlos says:

    haha sick, i liked when someone spray painted a dick on that window. classic.