Accidental Cement Street Art

photo 3

All this city-mandated sidewalk repair is creating an infinite canvass for street art that cannot be painted over.  This is the cream of the crop: besides being sullied by “Eat Battery Acid,” I love people’s complete indifference for the soles of their own shoes and that some pendejo, fresh on a trip of not giving a fuck, turned his car around in the fresh cement.

photo 5

2 Responses to “Accidental Cement Street Art”

  1. marco says:

    Yes, I was wondering why all the sudden interest on the part of the city to fix all these sidwalks. Yah, I know, it doesn’t cost them anything (property owners are responsible for paying to repair public sidwalks), but there has been an avalanche of sidewalk notices in the Mission lately. It really seems like a city “economic stimulus” package to create jobs for concrete workers — you know, transfer wealth from the evil property owners down to the poor, huddled masses. Anyone have any insight on how this all came about so suddenly?

    • Bob says:

      The City doesn’t just target the Mission, they’re targeting the entire City block by block at a time. It’s purpose was to fix sidewalks so you know, your 80 year old mother won’t trip and fall on her way to buy groceries at the corner store on 16th / Valencia. This plan has already been in place for at least several years, and didn’t just happen to “pop” up conveniently in the Mission.

      Man, do you people in the Mission even step foot out of the Mission?