The Secret Alley’s new space – The Galallery/Type-O Gallery

The Secret Alley (where I am a co-founder) is an art space here in the neighborhood. A Kickstarter has just been launched to remake the dull lobby into a sweet space to show of the work of local talent, The Galallery, also to be known as The Typoe Gallery.

The Secret Alley is a strange and maybe magical place where people build things, make movies, paint, screen things, make presentations, play and generally have a good time making and doing weird stuff. It’s hard to describe and I do it no justice by trying.

For the past few years there have been Halloween installations in the lobby downstairs, maybe you saw the Death Ray, where you could use the interface to blow up local hot spots (the subwoofer under the seat really made you feel like you might just poop):

Death Ray!

Or the hallway monster the year before, which was just part of a larger dungeon theme:

There have also been some other art shows in the lobby, but the space does nothing to showcase the work. It’s not inspiring. It’s not amazing. It’s lame. Just as we brought our talented friends together to build the 360º old alleyway set, now it’s time to build out the lobby. When we started building The Alley seven years ago we did it on our own dimes, but it’s still costing us, and we kind of don’t have the dimes to expand. Plus we want to pay our friends fairly for their time. They’re really good at what they do. That’s where you come in.

If you’ve ever enjoyed spending some time there, or if you want to, or even if it’s not your cup of tea, please consider helping the talented crew create an amazing space to showcase local work. There are some really cool perks you can get for your contribution, including having the place to yourself for a night for you and your friends (pitch in together and have a grand time!). We don’t have the money of Jack Spade NYC, but we want to keep cool places in our hood!

Check out the Kickstarter here!

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17th & Capp Indoor Block Party

If you like art or music or food or short films or rad people or just kickin’ it on Capp Street you should head to these fine institutions this Saturday. Three art spaces mere steps away from one another are joining forces to simultaneously rock your world.

The Sub will have art and photography on display for your viewing delight as well as live music and DJ skills. 199 Capp Street.

Kitsch Gallery will host a silent auction to benefit Homeless Children’s Network and have some pleasing music to lull you into giving. 3265 17th Street.

The Secret Alley (of which I am a member) will take you through paintings and installations downstairs, then upstairs to show you super sweet short films presented by Wholphin in the afternoon and then rock your body with live jammy jams in the evening. 180 Capp Street.

If a Car Flips Over on Capp and No One Gets Hurt

Does anyone care?  Did it really happen?  Steve says so, and he’s got the pics to prove it:

My girlfriend and I woke up to this last night around 12:30. This car flipped when taking an extremely fast turn from 23rd on to Capp St. Amazingly, the car managed to flip without hitting any parked cars or people. When the driver was asked if he was ok, he broke his own driver side window and ran off into the night. The cops and firetrucks gathered for awhile, but eventually most took off when there was nothing to do. I think a tow truck eventually cleaned up the mess, or that’s what it sounded like as I tried to fall back asleep.

I wonder where that gentleman needed to be in such a hurry?

(Thanks, Steve!)

Last NYE on Capp

Merry Christmas On Capp

From Kirt:

Cool Face

On Capp St., where else?

Free Mouse on Capp St.

Capp @ 19th.  Seriously, this is some sad shit.  The clueless thing is propped up on a compost bin just running around in his wheel.

Accidental Cement Street Art

photo 3

All this city-mandated sidewalk repair is creating an infinite canvass for street art that cannot be painted over.  This is the cream of the crop: besides being sullied by “Eat Battery Acid,” I love people’s complete indifference for the soles of their own shoes and that some pendejo, fresh on a trip of not giving a fuck, turned his car around in the fresh cement.

photo 5

Capp St. 86'd From Google Street View!


I remember looking at the best goddamn street ever on Street View not to long ago, so there must be some fresh Capp-hate at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway.  Injustice!

Spots Unknown has the full story.

Cool Clouds 2: Electric Boogaloo


Looking east from 19th and Capp at 8:45 this morning.

Thanks to Jeff for sending in this shot.