Free Mouse on Capp St.

Capp @ 19th.  Seriously, this is some sad shit.  The clueless thing is propped up on a compost bin just running around in his wheel.

30 Responses to “Free Mouse on Capp St.”

  1. foon says:

    So take him inside, asshole!

  2. Bob Dole says:

    Did some hipster think owning a pet mouse would be too much for them to handle?

    Good grief, thank God he didn’t get any ideas about own Burmese Pythons.

  3. chalkman says:

    the mouse and the litter go in the green bucket, the cage goes in the blue bucket….

  4. laurie says:

    update please!

  5. Mission Mistaken says:

    Finally — the gypsy spell I’ve been trying to cast on trash raiders lo these many weeks has at last worked!

  6. KC says:

    Hmmm… my snake would enjoy that mouse…

  7. jenett says:

    Aw man, I hope someone brought the little guy inside!

  8. elly says:

    what kind of jerk takes a picture of this without taking the mouse inside or to animal control or something? jeez.

  9. Dahak says:

    Just left work and checked the area and the little fella is no longer there. I’m hoping as well that someone took him in.

  10. Jessica L. says:

    Animal Care and Control certainly takes in and adopts out rats (both of our school rats came from there!), so it’s not too much of a stretch to think they’d take mice too. I’m glad that someone (hopefully) rescued it. I definitely would have brought it inside if I wasn’t at work in Oakland.

  11. mattymatt says:

    Oh dear. Very sad to see someone intentionally treat an animal like this. I hope it has a nice new home now.

    There are a number of other problems here as well: that cage is really too small to be a permanent mouse habitat. In addition, there should be at least a little bit of dark, enclosed area (like an empty tissue box) where the mouse can hide when it’s feeling nervous. White mice tend to be more sensitive to light and generally like to hide more than brown ones do. It should have some paper towel to use for nesting. Also, mice are very social and really should have at least one cage-mate; this one appears to be female, which is good because if you do get a companion of the same gender they’d be less prone to fight with each other than two males would be.

    Mice and rats are excellent apartment-pets because they’re small and not very demanding. Hopefully this one is now living someplace more comfortable. Or has been fed to a snake. Whichever!

  12. Mr. Bumbles says:

    Hey everyone-

    I’m actually the mouse in these pictures, so I just wanted to let you know that I’m fine. A young woman came by and picked me up this morning, took me back to her place, and has given me a big new cage with lots of clean wood shavings. There are some other mice here as well and they seem pretty cool. Best of all… no snakes.

    Thanks for your concern!

    Mr. Bumbles

  13. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, anyone who has lived in The Mission for any respectable length of time probably already has a serious rodent extermination agenda. All rodents, all the time. On the other hand, if I saw the little feller on the street like that, I would probably talk baby talk and take it home to cohabitate awhile with the pets I already have. And not give it to a snake owner, even though snakes have to eat, too.

  14. Homeless on Market/6th says:

    Come on people… that’s just a mouse. They live on dirty street anyways. It’s lucky to even have a cage and those wheels to play with!

  15. pixeltan says:

    I’m sure that if someone hadn’t taken the dear thing in that a hip Mission Valencia street food cart person would have done some kind of Cali-fusion job with it.

  16. WoodWhat says:

    “Sometimes it’s good to have a tiny, tiny brain” says my desk mate. Agreed.

  17. Sarita says:

    what’s more pathetic? the losers who just left him there instead of taking him to animal control or the douche hipsters who decided rather than doing something they would just post a picture of it to their blog. this blog is like a dose of daily douche.

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