Yotopia Update

Yotopia, The Y Is For Yogurt
A while ago Kevin wrote about the new frozen yogurt place on 22nd Street near Valencia, Yotopia. That post generated some interest. (remember Zinzin? Where did he go? Is he using a different name here now?)

I stopped in last week to sample some flavors and chat with the owner, George. Their flavors change every week. The night I was there they had peach, banana, peanut butter and plain.  All the yogurt is made with Strauss organic milk, (because they’re “local and high quality”) and it has an interesting texture to it. A bit gritty. George says this is because they use milk, not powder. He says this is what it would taste like if you froze your own yogurt.

Speaking of George, who declined to provide a last name, he’s been in the area for 35 years. He used to own the Majestic Market, serving former San Quentin cons back in the 60′s and 70′s. He had been thinking about a frozen yogurt shop, and when the space opened up he decided to give it a shot. The store is family run and he’s willing to stay open late if the people want it.

Anyway, I don’t really have much to say in terms of the flavor or quality, I don’t eat very much dairy. I asked George if he had considered dairy-free fro-yo. He said he’s thinking about trying a coconut milk version. You can read what other people think on Yelp.

14 Responses to “Yotopia Update”

  1. jayel says:

    i think the froyo fad is done. next ploz

  2. foon says:

    Crack reporting! “A froyo place has been open for a while. The owner has at least one name. I had some but I can’t tell you how it was.” That said, I hope they get on the coconut milk yogurt cause that shit is delicious.

  3. bloncko says:

    Sorry, I’m a new reader. Who is Zinzin?

  4. Neo Displacer says:

    zinzin = allan. No Allan, no zinzin

    • steve says:

      Now Allan, THERE’S a guy that’s missed.

    • Believe it or not, zinzin was a real guy living on Capp st.

      • ralph cramden says:

        I never posted before but I have to ask about this one.

        I always thought zinzin was a secret editorial voice from behind the scenes at Mission Mission. He’s a real guy? Do you know him? Why doesn’t he post anymore?

        I thought he was the best commenter (and one of the best writers) on this blog. Definitely miss him, though i didn’t always agree with him.

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