Coming Soon: Yotopia

Evidence suggests that an “organic frozen yogurt” place called “Yotopia” is opening soon next to Latin American Club at 22nd and Valencia.  Hopefully it is not related to the Yotopia in Costa Mesa, because that place sounds like it really sucks (the signage suggests they are different).

This block of 22nd St. is rapidly going through a change.  Over the past few weeks, we have seen the opening Escape From New York Pizza (for better or worse, at least there is food readily available after 2am that is not a burrito) and Oz Smoke Shop (which seems to embody every stereotype of a hookah lounge imaginable).  Now we have an organic frozen yogurt place?  I cannot tell if it is going to turn into bridge-tube-n-track central or maintain its current status as a Mission-Bernal-Noe breeding ground.  Keep your eyes on this one; what happens on 22nd could easily unfold on the greater Valencia corridor.


Obviously the interior is still under construction, but the inside is starting to look pretty sterile.  Hopefully they hire a local muralist to spice the place up.


18 Responses to “Coming Soon: Yotopia”

  1. zinzin says:

    originally, i was gonna just write “what, you don’t like yogurt? lactose intolerant?”…but i can’t help but rant on this one. sorry y’all.

    “Keep your eyes on this one; what happens on 22nd could easily unfold on the greater Valencia corridor.”

    so kevmo, you mean that empty storefronts could easily get filled with small businesses? and that would be….bad, somehow?

    this is some kind of hot expose on the gentrification of the hood? a driving journalistic endeavor to keep our judgmental thumb on new business: the harbinger of khaki-pants, marina-style, bmw-driving, stroller-pushing doom?

    dude, it’s a fucking froyo place. oh, and a pizza place. and some hookah joint. all new businesses!

    a froyo shop is something to “keep your eyes on”? some kind of conspiracy?

    and what’s gonna be the results of “operation: all eyes on froyo”? if froyo is deemed to be “unacceptable” in your eyes?

    you & chicken will mobilize the “valencia 700″ to write letters and activate and mobilize to protest….oh wait, there’s nothing here to protest. no chains. no corporate bad guys. no affront to workers (or ritual coffee – why does chicken love ritual so much?).

    only a shop that – for some reason – doesn’t align with your (apparently narrow) idea of “what should be”. (gee, that sounds strikingly similar to the whole AA debacle anyways).

    a new business opens in the hood (actually 3 new businesses as cited in your post here)…

    are we happy about vacant spaces being filled? no.
    are we happy that commerce might help the hood? no.
    are we happy that this might rep a glimmer at the end of a crappy economic cycle? no.
    are we happy that the bad economy might be an opportunity for people to open new shops and take advantage of lower costs? no.
    are we even happy that these are independent shops and not nasty chains? no.

    we’re concerned that a froyo shop (and a pizza joint) signal “something to keep our eye on”.

    sounds exactly like blue haired matrons in pac heights worrying that the “rabble” from the TL might be creeping up their hill…

    me, i say good luck froyo shop (and pizza place, and hookah dudes)! welcome to the hood! thanks for bringing your business here!

    • Actually, I won’t mobilize people. Chicken is welcome to do as he wishes.

      I was pointing out that this block is rapidly changing. I do not know if it is a good or bad thing. In my 2 years living a stones-throw from this block, I’ve watched the demographics of most of the establishments change. I think it will be interesting to see how it continues to change (for better or worse). Take it for what it is, not what you want to read into it.

      • Glenparker says:

        My bad on the “journalism” comment. I guess I set my sights to high here.
        Is the block changing a good or bad thing? Yogurt store = bad for the neighborhood. Empanada store opening across the street = good for the neighborhood.

      • jimbeam says:

        What is it that’s so hard to understand about the difference in the TYPE of retail determing the character of a neighborhood?

        This is not a negative/positive yogurt comment. It is simply an observation that the middle ground in these arguments is probably the correct one: Keeping any new business from opening is bad. Allowing anything that wants to open up is also bad. SF has always been known for its diversity of neighborhoods. What’s the problem with wanting to keep some individual character to the different hoods?

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  3. Glenparker says:

    Now zinzin you know the problem here… it’s a widely known unspoken truth that only wealthy white people buy frozen yogurt hence the self-appointed neighborhood big brother types are very suspicious about the place. Thank god they know what’s best for a neighborhood that none of them grew up in and most won’t be around in ten years from now. You could start a organization called the 22nd Street Anti-White Anti-Business Coalition and you’d get endorsements from the majority of these carpetbaggers.
    Here’s what I’d love to see: A person applies for a business license with plans to open a restaurant on a spot that has been vacant for 15 years. The person is an illegal alien, Latina, lesbian, disabled, single mother. The restaurant however would be a fast food franchise.
    Ha ha ha ha.

  4. Glenparker says:

    “Hopefully it is not related to the Yotopia in Costa Mesa, because that place sounds like it really sucks”
    So you’re judging the place not on its merits but because it “sounds like it really sucks?”
    This is journalism?
    Another classic piece: “Evidence suggests that an “organic frozen yogurt” place called “Yotopia” is opening soon.” Could that “evidence” be the sign out front (that has been there for weeks) that says “organic frozen yogurt?” Brilliant detective work!
    One more: “Hopefully they hire a local muralist to spice the place up.” There you go, tell the business owner how to decorate his place before they are even open! Perhaps they need to submit their interior decoration plans to the Mission Mission Business Aesthetic Committee. Burn the place down if they use a non local muralist!

  5. kiya says:

    This post sucks for multiple reasons.

    “Hopefully they hire a local muralist to spice the place up.”

    Was this sarcasm? I sure hope so.

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  7. a_native_son says:

    I don’t know who owns this particular business, but the yogurt craze of the past few years is actually an amazing immigrant success story. The current incarnation of frozen yogurt goes back to Korea where stores like Red Mango had operated for years. Pinkberry was started by a Korean-American woman who took the Red Mango idea and brought it stateside, starting in LA. Jubili on Fillmore in Japantown is owned by a few young, entrepeneural Korean-American dudes.

    Again, I don’t know who is behind this business, but I don’t see anything to be upset about. Honestly, who are we foolin? This fits right in with all the curiosity shoppes and yoga studios and coffee joints and all the rest. I don’t know what type of business some people want to see here, but we don’t need another bike shop, and honestly, a lot of those patrons would probably like a cup of yogurt. I’m a Mitchell’s man myself, but if you want yogurt, here you go.

  8. SomeJuan says:

    I don’t visit this blog for journalism. I visit it because it’s a, you know, blog.

  9. jimbeam says:

    Some people don’t live on Chestnut Street for a reason.

  10. stiiv says:

    I, for one, welcome our new frozen yogurt masters.

  11. zinzin says:

    i’m keepin my eye on all you motherfuckers.

  12. zinzin says:

    @JB – fair comments as always.

    that said, a “type” of retail already defines the neighborhood west of mission street (and increasingly, on & east of mission street) – particularly as it pertains to this discussion…

    that type: shoppes, mid-upper end restaurants & bars, opened in the past 5 – 10 years or so…patronized by – mostly – white college educated folks in their 20s & 30′s with expendable income.

    i’m not judging – i am that demo, if a little (OK a lot) older – just stating a fact.

    that there’s a sense of entitlement / judgment on the part of this crowd about who gets to come in next…

    and when that sense of judgment extends from the sort-of-reasonable (AA is a chain, like it or not, and there is a chain ban, like it or not) to the entitled, sensation-seeking & pretty-much-dizzy (froyo & pizza as harbingers of “chestnut street”)…

    i think it just stinks, and completely flies in the face of the neighborhood’s (and that crowd’s) purported ethos: one of respect, diversity, inclusion, blah blah blah.

    kevmo talks about the “changing demographic” of 22nd street, i guess away from traditional working class latino businesses to higher-end white ones…and the fact that this “could easily unfold on the greater Valencia corridor.”

    fact is: this shit unfolded on the valencia corridor over 10 years ago, and no one (other than the PRIOR crowd of carpetbaggers – the punks, erick lyle, et al) made a peep. all these shoppes & restos & bars were THRILLED to get in on the burgeoning hood & its increasingly moneyed residents.

    now, the NEXT wave wants in – you made it nice, here come the strollers – and the established guarde – like so many old ladies – gets all proprietary & territorial.

    it makes me fucking puke.

  13. pete says:

    Um… so when’s it opening? :P

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