If a Car Flips Over on Capp and No One Gets Hurt

Does anyone care?  Did it really happen?  Steve says so, and he’s got the pics to prove it:

My girlfriend and I woke up to this last night around 12:30. This car flipped when taking an extremely fast turn from 23rd on to Capp St. Amazingly, the car managed to flip without hitting any parked cars or people. When the driver was asked if he was ok, he broke his own driver side window and ran off into the night. The cops and firetrucks gathered for awhile, but eventually most took off when there was nothing to do. I think a tow truck eventually cleaned up the mess, or that’s what it sounded like as I tried to fall back asleep.

I wonder where that gentleman needed to be in such a hurry?

(Thanks, Steve!)

6 Responses to “If a Car Flips Over on Capp and No One Gets Hurt”

  1. lapidgeon says:

    This happened to me at my chilhood home. Some dude jumped the curb and flipped over on my front lawn. He also tried to escape cause he was drunk as shit, but my dad and older bro tackled his ass and held him until the cops came. Nothing grew in the area where fuel was leaking from his car for the next few years.

    The craziest was when I lived in watsonville and this accident happened where both drivers fled the scene.

  2. Patrick says:

    How did I miss that right on my block?

    People drive way too fast on that block of Capp all the time.

  3. Bob Dole says:

    Perhaps an illegal alien?

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  5. Evan says:

    I’d guess drunk as well. If they can’t prove you were driving the car, or drunk when doing so, it’d be hard to make a DUI stick. Not sure what the charges would be for abandoning a car upside down in the middle of the damned street though.