17th & Capp Indoor Block Party

If you like art or music or food or short films or rad people or just kickin’ it on Capp Street you should head to these fine institutions this Saturday. Three art spaces mere steps away from one another are joining forces to simultaneously rock your world.

The Sub will have art and photography on display for your viewing delight as well as live music and DJ skills. 199 Capp Street.

Kitsch Gallery will host a silent auction to benefit Homeless Children’s Network and have some pleasing music to lull you into giving. 3265 17th Street.

The Secret Alley (of which I am a member) will take you through paintings and installations downstairs, then upstairs to show you super sweet short films presented by Wholphin in the afternoon and then rock your body with live jammy jams in the evening. 180 Capp Street.

3 Responses to “17th & Capp Indoor Block Party”

  1. Millie Castro says:

    sorry to poach on this party, but this is pretty important – hated SF bike messenger turned shameless self-promoter on MTV’s “Real World S.F.” is selling some crap on eBay, including this anciant Zo bag and Zo yo=yo holder. Looks like the kid fell on hard times – maybe this will help him out. Again, I know this has no place here, and you guys are probably too newjack to remember this low point / high point in SF bike history. But there it is:

  2. Millie Castro says:

    yes, I can spell ‘ancient’.

  3. C says:

    Dang. You really don’t see Zo bags anymore. I can count on one hand the number of people I know who own one.

    But why would I want to help him out? He’s selling his stuff most likely because he can’t earn money right now due to the injuries he sustained after an accident he caused while DRUNK DRIVING A VEHICLE WITH HIS 8 YEAR OLD KID IN IT. Puck obviously hasn’t changed since his days as a complete dirtbag on Real World.