Own a Piece of MTV's the Real World '94 History

Hey, remember the 90′s? Remember Puck from the The Real World SF ’94? Well times are hard, even for homophobic bike messengers named after hockey equipment.

Puck’s own ZO messenger bag is for sale on Ebay, along with a bunch of his other junk collectively called “Puck’s Treasures“. They don’t come with certificates of authenticity, so who knows if they are legit. I guess that sorta fat guy posing with the gear could be him; I don’t really remember what he looks like. But then again, if you’re actually interested in buying this crap, maybe I don’t care if you get ripped off or not.

Suddenly, I feel the urge to have a Real World ’94 marathon at Bender’s. Does anyone have these on tape?

[Thanks to Millie Castro for the tip]

13 Responses to “Own a Piece of MTV's the Real World '94 History”

  1. DocPop says:

    I got to check out Puck’s other Zo bag a few years ago and wrote about it here http://www.docpop.org/2008/08/i-touched-pucks-bag-and-now-i-smell-like-pee/

    I just noticed the current bag on eBay comes with a yo-yo holster.

    • Eon says:

      As well as a patch with the logo of the uber-exclusive Bohemian Club, the un-Puckian playground of the Masters of the Universe. How random.

  2. Michael says:

    Coincidentally, I’m in the middle of a Real World SF marathon myself. I grabbed them via bittorrent, but you can just watch them on MTV.com.

  3. Please, for the love of God, make that marathon happen!!!

  4. Millie Castro says:

    for a minute I felt sorry for him, but after reading that he’s ‘kinda’ bummed about that car wreck and his boy’s injuries…no more. Puck you suck.

  5. I remember after MTV used the house, some web company tried to do one of those 24hr cameras everywhere reality websites, where the housemates had to spend a couple hours a day talking to the site visitors.

    An old friend was put in the house (i pinged him asking for the url as I forgot), then 2 months into it, one of the housemates set the place on fire accidently and burned down the house!

  6. justsayinyo says:

    a quick google search “mtv puck” shows that, sadly, it is him.

  7. lady kaka says:

    you know you’re fucked when you’re selling your treasures. only a matter of time before you start hocking your wares.

  8. fatty mcbutterpants says:

    sorta fat? really? you know you’ve lived too long in the mission, home of the 82 lb hipster, when you have no problem judging this guy and labeling him as “sorta fat.” douche? yes. fat? not by a long shot.

  9. chalkman says:

    He looks like G4′s Kevin Ferreria in that first picture, I remember him as more of a “scab-picking tweek” from the Real World…

  10. robin says:

    Are the “Real World” items real? WeGoLook will send a Looker to verify the items, complete a personalized report with current photos and/or video plus observe a working demonstration……..if your heart truly desires to own the “Real” stuff…….. wegolook.com

  11. Millie Castro says:

    Lady Kaka – that made me laugh and I’m a sour person!