Sidewalk Issues

X-Men Evidence?
First they had the dots. Then the dots and X’s. Then the dots and X’s and circles.

There’s a system here that I’m not totally sure about. But maybe that’s just me. How far can this go?

15 Responses to “Sidewalk Issues”

  1. ryan says:

    They’re marking pavement and sidewalk that needs to be repaired.

  2. Mission Mistaken says:

    That makes sense. We pay for a $6.5 billion annual budget, which includes guys with spray paint to flag the sidewalks, for $80k a year + lifetime benefits & a fat retirement salary. But the property owner has to pay for the actual repair work.

  3. A confused game of tic tac toe.

  4. sometimesy says:

    they’re marking the sidewalk for the property owner to repair. not the city.

  5. fatty says:

    i’m perfectly happy paying to fix my own sidewalk, as long as my property taxes actually go to the schools like they are supposed to…. which they don’t

    • Eric says:

      Did you vote for people like Dave Campos and John Avalos, who are spending YOUR precious tax dollars drafting resolution that does nothing for you?

  6. pixeltan says:

    I see a lot of writing, but little action. If only the commenter actually did something outside of the internets.