Vegetarians Can Be Reprobates Too

Just when you thought cucumbers had it the worst.

Thanks to Junk Thief for illuminating a growing problem in the vegetable community.

6 Responses to “Vegetarians Can Be Reprobates Too”

  1. All The Ladiez says:

    Actually “rape” is pronounced “raaaapppaai” in Italian and is a type of broccoli.

  2. Shea O'Neill says:

    Good to know. Must make point to ask Pal’s in the future to include phonetic spelling and etymology charts for simpletons like myself.

  3. Junk Thief says:

    Thanks, Ladiez, for enlightening me on that point. That puts a certain incident in Venice in the early 1990s into a very different perspective.

  4. Nick Pal says:

    In polite circles we call it broccoli raab, or, to preserve the Italian air, rapini.

  5. formerreader says:

    My gosh, this blog sucks now.

    Allan, what have they done to your work?

    Turned it into illiterate, sophomoric shit.