Vegetarians Can Be Reprobates Too

Just when you thought cucumbers had it the worst.

Thanks to Junk Thief for illuminating a growing problem in the vegetable community.

Treat Street Treats

I met this guy, Tree, yesterday:

He runs and actually helped to found the Treat Commons Community Garden. And Sundays from 1-3pm, he runs a stand where he gives away free food to low income people from the community garden and donated by people whose gardens have produced in excess that week. Also available are free flowers, seedlings, and garden advice. Rumor has it that they just harvested some honey.

Link to his blog on the farm stand here.

I wonder if the cucumbers here are acceptable unlike my previous experience.

Cucumber Mystery Still Unsolved

Since we get a lot more traffic now than we did when this first ran, we thought we’d give it another go. A while back, Lael had an unsettling experience at a neighborhood corner grocer:

I saw a woman squeeze a cucumber, shake her head, and examine the mushrooms approvingly. Curious, I drew closer. Another woman glanced at the cucumbers, said something in Spanish to another woman who then molested the cucumber with her hand, and drew back in disgust. All three women had now moved onto different vegetables.

Link to the full story. Or tell us what’s wrong with those cucumbers.

(Photo by reelgeek)