Ready, Set, Bag! Premiere Thursday at the Roxie

This morning, MM had the distinct pleasure of receiving a note from Oren Jacob, Pixar CTO and Executive Producer of a documentary called “Ready, Set, Bag!“  Oren was hoping to get the word out about Thursday night’s SF premiere of  “Ready, Set, Bag!” at the Roxie, and offered to hook our crappy blog up with an advanced viewing.   Mere hours later, a DVD screener was hand-delivered to my front door.

Hand-delivered!  Who am I, Gene Siskel (may he rest in peace!)?

I just finished watching the film and let me tell you, it is a DELIGHT.  “Ready, Set, Bag!” is a documentary that follows eight state grocery bagging champions from across the United States as they prepare to compete in the National Grocers Association’s Best Bagger competition in Las Vegas.  Contestants are judged by speed, weight distribution, packing prowess, etc.

“It’s similar to the American Idol,” says Frank DiPasquale, SVP of the National Grocers Association, in the film.  “You just never know where the stars are.”

Now readers, I would be lying to you if I didn’t wipe the single tear running down my cheek and say that this is a film about America.  Not shitty America, where people are fat jerks,  but awesome America, where people are huge sweethearts who work at grocery stores to overcome shyness, or to pursue the American Dream, and happen to get really good at a thing.  And in case earnestness makes you nervous (it does me!), rest assured that “Ready, Set, Bag!” doesn’t condescend to our protagonists, but puts their sizeable talents and quirks on display.  Basically, a bunch of sweethearts got together to make a movie about a bunch of sweethearts.

OOPS! Accidentally turned this blog into my livejournal!

This movie melted my cold, dead heart.  Here are your details for Thursday night:

Ready, Set, Bag!
Roxie Theater
Thursday, November 19th
7:00 p.m.
Tickets available online

The screening will benefit the San Francisco Food Bank, Mechanics Banks will donate $1 for every ticket sold, and if you bring two or more items of non-perishable food to donate, you get $1 off your ticket and 50 cents off popcorn.  Director Q&A with the audience to follow, and don’t forgot dem Twitta @readysetbag.  Phewf!

SPOILER ALERT: My favorite bagger wins the competition!

Cucumber Mystery Still Unsolved

Since we get a lot more traffic now than we did when this first ran, we thought we’d give it another go. A while back, Lael had an unsettling experience at a neighborhood corner grocer:

I saw a woman squeeze a cucumber, shake her head, and examine the mushrooms approvingly. Curious, I drew closer. Another woman glanced at the cucumbers, said something in Spanish to another woman who then molested the cucumber with her hand, and drew back in disgust. All three women had now moved onto different vegetables.

Link to the full story. Or tell us what’s wrong with those cucumbers.

(Photo by reelgeek)