Save The Whales (Before They Get Angry)

Save The Whales - Side
Art car spotting! More pics after the jump. (I always wanted to write that!)

Save The Whales - Detail
Door detail. It’s not just art. It’s got a message.

Save The Whales - Front
Front view.

3 Responses to “Save The Whales (Before They Get Angry)”

  1. Complete with a quote misattributed to Ben Franklin!

  2. crunchpow says:

    i totally saw this tonight and was like “i should take a picture for mission mission” but then i didn’t. i had punk rock business to attend to. good thing you took care of business.

  3. Ariel Dovas says:

    Dude, I totally missed out on some punk rock business to take this picture. Let’s trade next time.