BNE Graffiti Man Revealed!

Photo: Joshua Bright for The New York Times

I’m sure everyone’s seen a BNE sticker slapped on a parking meter at one point or another.  Gav even offered a $2,500 reward on the stickerer’s scalp back in 2k6.

Today, the Chronicle pointed us to a New York Times interview with the unidentified artist who tags and stickers the letters “BNE” all over the world, from San Francisco and New York to Prague and Kuala Lumpur.  BNE takes his art very seriously, comparing his brand to that of Tommy Hilfiger, Starbucks, and Pepsi.

My favorite part of the article:

“You kind of isolate yourself, living this life,” he said. “You meet a girl and she asks, ‘What do you do?’ and right way, you have to lie.”

Zomg, BNE has a soft side!  Sucks he has to hide his true self behind a pair of thick-rimmed glasses.  The words “I slap stickers on shit, babe,” would be devastating for any girl to hear.

I kid, I kid!  BNE may sound sort of like a post-modern hippie, but he’s alright.  Not as cool as Dick Chicken, though.

18 Responses to “BNE Graffiti Man Revealed!”

  1. Dolores says:

    BNE is Brisbane, Austrailia’s airport code. Just sayin’, Google told me that.

  2. dave d says:

    since when can a tagger jet set all over the world?

    the guy went to boarding school.


  3. jimbeam says:

    ever heard of banksy?

    • dave d says:

      bansky is a perfect example of what I am talking about. the guy pretends to be a self taught tagger, but in truth he has a higher education in the fine arts. just like the fecal face bullshitter.

      if u want to a quick education on artists who PRETEND to be self taught, street wise, etc., watch the film
      Basquiat by Julian Schnabel.

  4. slyder24 says:

    Love that movie.

    The thing is BNE stickers are not at all interesting to look at. No redeeming artistic value, even a gang tag has more going for it. Much better: Mildred, Pobresito, the ‘late’ Girafa,

  5. salsaman says:

    BNE is some seriously boring worthless shit.

    ribity– now that’s something I can appreciate.

  6. pixeltan says:

    You guys seems to be very knowledgeable on tagging. Very….zzzz.zz..zz

  7. Duh says:

    Um, its so funny that know one knows what this could stand for when any internet surfing can tell you.
    God journalist are so not good at their jobs.

  8. ELMER says:

    You guys hava absolutely no idea what you are talking about when it comes to graffiti. Find another outsider tip to make yourself look cool.

    Go Benet

  9. tagless says:

    Who gives a shit?

    The perceived level of importance is comical:
    “You meet a girl and she asks, ‘What do you do?’ and right way, you have to lie.”

    If that is really all that think about when someone asks you “What do you do?” then you really have no life, you tool!

  10. Dunce Cap says:

    Dude’s prolific. Show was nothing special. But, to his credit, he never claimed to be anything other than a designer with a proclivity for affixing stickers to metal surfaces.

  11. Taggin' Ain't Cool says:

    I just love all these comments that seem to judge a tagger or slapstickerer not by the idiocy of his/her actions (the tagging or slapstickering in the first place), but rather by whether it’s “creative” or not. Creativity has nothing to do with it. It’s just vandalism, guys. The Mission District has tons of character WITHOUT all the tagging and other forms of blight that pass for “freedom.” Yes, I know it’s “cool” but it’s just juvenile stuff indicative of a loose cannon with too much time on their hands. If you want to be creative, go to art school . . . oops, I almost forgot, a lot of taggers already go the Academy of Art Univ., so I guess it’s the adrenaline rush of putting up pieces in high places and gaining notoriety, like RIBIDY.

  12. Taggin' Ain't Cool says:

    BNE: the worst slapstickerer in SF. These stickers are IMPOSSIBLE to remove, which I guess is the point. What on earth motivates folks to obliterate public property like mailboxes and traffic signal poles with this bullshit? Get a life; this is neither productive nor creative, no matter how beautiful the “artwork” might be. For those who think that freedom of expression is unlimited (like yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre is OK) remember: the US Constitution (assuming you respect that document) places TIME, PLACE, MANNER restrictions on free sppech, and graffiti of all types, if done without the permission of the owner of the surface being plastered is simply vandalism. Just glad that BNE moved to New York. Let the Big Apple deal with this destructive lost soul.

  13. eyesr says:

    The whole point to bne is that if mc donalds,star buck,tommy hilfiger,etc…can illegaly put there advertisements up all across the world etc then why cant any graffit artist or person out there do the same? And to the people who are commenting on this article why are you even try to research the hype and then talk on the a culture that you have no idea about?

  14. Hectorutu says:

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  15. crane says:

    yeah its simple, but really the best brands are very simple and easy to remember. As a marketer this guy is awesome.