No Cassettes Looks Solid

The non-embeddable trailer on the homepage is better than the one below, but whatever. (link)

5 Responses to “No Cassettes Looks Solid”

  1. Solid? Really? Who the fuck wants to watch skinny hipsters pop wheelies on their fixies? Ever seen the urban trials riding in the movies by The Collective? Or perhaps this little underground movie on YouTube: You might as well post about the groundbreaking stunts of 5-year-olds riding big wheels downhill.

    • matteller says:

      Meanwhile in an anti-hating mission, we are happy to see cycling culture of any kind supported, encouraged, or otherwise plugged in general area blogs such as the double farting frogs. If you must geek about gear check out bike snob or drunk cycling. Yes, the Danny MacAskill is amazing, but growing bike culture is important, and beneficial. And besides, fatties ride too.

  2. slyder24 says:

    I thought it was spelled ‘tite’. ‘Hella tite’.

  3. speyer says:

    I’m sorry, but these guys are all kooks who wish they could skate. Why else would you hit up hubba hideout on your effeminately color coordinated bike? I’m embarrassed for them.

  4. Kali S. says: