Erik Jacobsen Quartet Clips Up On The Bay Taper

The Bay Taper just put up some beautiful clips of a recent performance at the Red Poppy Art House by Erik Jekabson Quartet which I am just loving this afternoon. The group also features one of my favorite guitarists Mike Abraham and saxaphonist Dayna Stephens. You can catch most of these guys regularly every Wednesday at Amnesia‘s Micheal Abraham Session at 10pm.

If you don’t follow the Bay Taper, it’s amazing. I have no idea how one guy is able to so much. Studio-quality recording of live performance, stunning high resolution pictures, and HD video of local jazz shows.

2 Responses to “Erik Jacobsen Quartet Clips Up On The Bay Taper”

  1. BayTaper says:

    Hey, thanks for the props and thanks for covering local jazz!

  2. Edward says:

    What a fine post to kick of the New Year–refreshingly un-ironic!