RIP Jay Reatard

One of the best shows I ever saw was Jay Reatard at the Knockout a few years back, back when the stage was on the lower level. His set lasted all of maybe 18 minutes, but that didn’t bother me because I was busy getting my face melted off.

Jay was always good to the Mission, playing unannounced shows and blowing minds left and right. Sucks that he’s dead.

6 Responses to “RIP Jay Reatard”

  1. billy says:

    dude thats so fucked up. cancelled his show at gamh when the band broke up……..everybody kill yourself immediately

  2. Gianpaolo says:

    One vote for a tribute night at the Knockout with super duper drink specials. I’ll even loan my Lost Sounds records.

  3. mumbles says:


  4. Mission Mistaken says:

    Yes, it does suck. Thanks for posting. He was something else, that kid.

  5. sf_Jef says:

    That boy knew his way around a Flying-V.

  6. Kizi says:

    music fly. I had heard all sleepy