BART Maintenance Badges: DALY CITY

A couple of days ago I posted a collection of BART maintenance badges. I was convinced I was missing one more and it had to be something on or near the end of the peninsula line. So this weekend I was coming back from the east bay and saw THIS:

This is definitely the definitive SF maintenance station badge. It features Golden Gate bridge (which is incidentally nowhere near Daly City or BART), and an airplane heading to or from SFO. For the record, the car smelled better than any car I’ve ever been in. Some kind of sweet flowery cleaning fluid was just used. It also had a spotless, non-carpeted floor. Go DC! Show ‘em how it’s done.

Next conquest: MUNI bus maintenance badges. Psych! Nobody maintains those.

2 Responses to “BART Maintenance Badges: DALY CITY”

  1. dickinburlingame says:

    from westmoor high school and parts of skyline drive you can see the tops of the golden gate bridge from daly city……..

  2. MrEricSir says:

    In all fairness, they fog is completely accurate.