Shred The Cello… And I'm Jello, Baby

Some seriously shreddin’ classical players are playing tonight at Amnesia, of all places!

First is Phyllis Chen, virtuoso classical/experimental pianist. Did I mention she plays her pieces on the TOY PIANO?

Next, German cellist (and apparent hottie) Johannes Moser. If the youtube comments on this guy are true, he’ll melt your face AND your heart:

Between this and Classical Revolution, there has been an increasingly strong presence of classical music in the mission. It seems as though a lot of those conservatory students are in need an outlet that isn’t playing Pachabel’s Canon at a wedding and are taking it to the dives.

Say here’s a tip: bring a date that you’re trying to impress with your “sensitive artiste” side. At some point during the show, gently close your eyes and mime some conducting movements with your hands. If that doesn’t seal the deal, try shaving off that goddamned beard.

Amnesia is on Valencia b/t 19th and 20th. Show starts at 9pm and costs $7-$10.

One Response to “Shred The Cello… And I'm Jello, Baby”

  1. laurie says:

    oh vic, you’re so in the zone!