Free Limousines!

About a year ago, Mission Mission published THIS EPIC PROFILE of this band the Limousines. In it, we learn about our generation’s lousy work ethic, and how the band accidentally wrote THE TUMBLR ANTHEM and just might be the voice of this very busy generation.

Since then, the Limousines have risen to fame and conquered Treasure Island (pictured), and later this month they’re playing Noise Pop — and we’re giving away a pair of FREE TICKETS! They’re playing Friday, February 26, at Slim’s, with Wallpaper, Butterfly Bones and Battlehooch.

To enter, leave a comment below that makes substantive reference to the aforementioned EPIC PROFILE. Winner will be decided randomly or perhaps based on merit. Contest ends one week from right now.

(And yes I’m still watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; I mean, did you guys see the Hot Chip performance last week!?)

Photo by Kristin.

2 Responses to “Free Limousines!”

  1. c rex says:

    yeah word, so i win yeah? anyways, speaking of the My Generation of my generation, did you catch the hack job did to my generation during the superbowl?

    i dont think changing “hope i die before i get old” to “dont wanna die cuz i wanna get old” is allowed under artistic interpretation…….holler!

  2. walter says:

    Although i enjoy 4505 Meats Chicharrones and video games as much as the next guy, as a very busy person, i would like to say that i have left the side of my overheated xbox so that i may indeed win these tickets and partake in the melodic musings of the Limousines.

    PS “Free Limousines” makes it look like a “let this person out of jail” T-shirt waiting to happen. :)