Gonna Find Boyfriends TONIGHT

This video is going to catapult someone to stardom.

That someone will probably be Myles Cooper, whose exploits we’ve been following for a while now. Most recently, Myles did some time as a Boy George impersonator. Before that, he was Myles the Free Barber. And we won’t soon forget his performances in such viral video classics as Gay Bath Fail and How Myles Got Dumped.

Today we just might be looking at the pinnacle of Myles’ myriad achievements thus far. Gonna Find Boyfriends Today is a joyous new video for a joyous new song. Director Skye Thorstenson is due a fair share of the credit too, but Myles is the man. And Mission Mission is proud to say it got the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth late last night:

Allan: Your new video is NUTS. Where’d you get the director?

Myles: I met Skye at a gay pot luck.

And how did you all come up with this CRAZY video?

Skye came up with most of the imagery and built all the puppets and animations. There were a few things I really wanted like a Precious Moments boys choir, a Latin drummer and the scene with my shirt being ripped off like the Right Said Fred video “I’m Too Sexy.”  Skye was happy to create all of that and a lot more from his imagination.

Couldn’t have done it without the song though. ‘Sup with it?

The song came to me in August when I was staying at an apartment in Washington Heights, the neighborhood in Manhattan. I was staying with my friend who is a hard-working singer. It is where a lot of people who work in theater live, so you can hear people practicing trombones, flutes or whatever. It’s pretty inspiring and totally not punk rock. I take Ambien to sleep, and one night I dangerously and unknowing stayed awake and somehow made a YouTube video of me singing this song. I woke up in the morning with no recollection of making the video. I erased the video and started to work out the instrumentation when I got back to San Francisco. It took a long time to program, and a long time to make the video, but I feel it was all worth it.

No doubt! When’s your album drop!?

Yes, I am working on an album. But first I want to release a few songs as singles. Optimally the “Gonna Find Boyfriends Today” single is gonna have the radio edit, an extended mix and a Spanish version on 12″ vinyl.

How will you perform this jam live? And who is in your band?

I perform this song live now, and the setup of the live show is always evolving. I am creating a huge family band called Myles Cooper USA. Right now my friend Ryan Froemming plays keyboard while my bestie Alexis Blair Penney sings backups. I sing and do live drum machine stuff on my Atari Mega ST 2 music computer. The computer is over 20 years old so it’s a trip to see on stage. People go crazy. We mix in a few backing tracks in at random moments as we don’t have enough people in the band yet.

NOTE: Looks like Myles Cooper USA is playing TONIGHT at El Rio! Lucky us!

2 Responses to “Gonna Find Boyfriends TONIGHT”

  1. Diane Jourdan says:

    That was a very positive, funny, and uplifting video. Myles and Skye have an exceptional team going. I loved it.

  2. Linda says:

    What were your parents like?

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