Mystery Drunken Golf Cart?


My buddy Mike posted the first salvo on Facebook this morning:

After band practice last night, I saw a guy pulled over on Mission St. The dude had been driving a golf cart, and was epicly failing a drunk driving test. Where is a video camera when you need one?

Apres, the comments deluge . . .

I’d heard of that guy and then I saw him in my neighborhood driving around, BLASTING hip hop! I feel like I should hate him, but I kind of love him!
I see that guy stumble out of the Latin American at LEAST once a week. And he always lets random people cruise around in his cart. It might not have been him at all, but someone else!
I saw a guy cruising around a while back, blasting public enemy, in a METER READER’s cart — could it be a different guy??

Anyone have any tips as to what this mystery mobile might be all about or who could be behind it?  Could it be the Mystery Machine Meter Maid?  Or perhaps Schlomo’s Cushman is making a Bahn Mi comeback?  Gumshoes, we need answers!

15 Responses to “Mystery Drunken Golf Cart?”

  1. db says:

    I’ve often seen a golf cart parked on Potrero in the 20-somethings. Sadly it wasn’t around when the Google Street View crew rolled through or I’d have photo evidence.

  2. That guy lives (or used to live) out here in the Sunset

    I’m honestly surprised that more people, especially in places like the Mission where parking is tight, haven’t jumped on the idea of buying old police ticket cruisers to tool around in.

  3. devin says:

    I saw a dude in a straight up Golf Cart on Mission street Wednesday night. He pulled up along side my truck at 19th and Mission right by Beauty Bar. After a double take, I noticed it had a CA license plate and appeared to be street legal. He zipped by and eventually I saw his shit parked in front of Coda up on the curb…

  4. El Jeffe says:

    This guy drives an actual golf cart – one with four seats, a canopy and four wheels. It’s not this little parking police thingy.

  5. HI-MEE says:

    No mystery guys…it’s my friend’s cushman. She lives by Dolores Park. She lets some of her friends use the vehicle from time to time.
    Mystery solved.

  6. Mission Mistaken says:

    Except the mystery around the DUI. This is a hard town to get a DUI in. You either have to be roaming around the SOMA clubs on a Saturday night, or really, really calling attention to yourself.

  7. 22nd Street says:

    Brandon, the owner of Mission Minis, drives the golf cart.

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  9. Wasn’t me!

    But I’ve met the woman who owns the one in the above pic. She was sober and at some screen-printing class when we met.

    Also: now that winter is ending, the cart and @banhmiSF will be starting up again! Now with added whiskey!

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      this is fantastic news. full disclosure: i am a ridiculous banh mi fan (been one ever since i had my first at All Star Cafe on Market and Van Ness back in 2001–don’t think they serve them there anymore though) and i actually ate the FIRST EVER sandwich you made and sold at dolores park back on september 4th. truth be told, i started twitter in order to follow bahnmisf.

      i think one of your friends actually interviewed me while i was eating. i still feel bad about giving you an A- because the sandwich really was delicious. i just didn’t want you to get too complacent (also I majored in mcb at cal and every class was graded on a curve–getting a B on a midterm was actually pretty awesome)!

      i just wanted to point out that you can still get into med school with an A-

  10. David says:

    Haha, briliant! :)

    Makes you wanna give up golf completly or start drinking!

  11. Scott says:

    If you think this event is unusual, ou really need to spend more time in Arizona or soutern Florida. Driving your golf cart home drunk there is a daily event.