Mark Growden Bike Handlebar Improvisation

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of checking out Mark Growden in an intimate house-concert setting at the Porto Franco Art Parlor. He opened up with with this haunting improvisation on the bicycle handlebars.

It sounds like the type of music that would be playing in the background while an elderly Asian man explains the spiritual journey I’m about to take, shortly before being attacked by bandits from a neighboring village.

Mark’s new album, St. Judas is great and it was recorded completely live, after he and the band took a week-long retreat in the woods rehearsing and speaking to wild coyotes.


2 Responses to “Mark Growden Bike Handlebar Improvisation”

  1. gonnabecoolsomedayifitkillsme says:

    Porto Franco Art Parlor? Are you fucking kidding me? How much more twee/pretentious can the Mission get before imploding on itself?

  2. Mission Mistaken says:

    Really — I thought it was kind of lovely. Just when you think the wold is coming to nothing bull lifeless blogs (not this one, btw) and douche type-a throat slashers and faux-gressive bike nazi’s, you find a little warm seat with people actually being together with open minds.

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