Mission Bar Treats Need to Step it Up

This one is easy.  Instead of wasting time with salty peanuts and stale pretzels, why not take a page from the book at Tropico’s, a classy Tijuana joint?  Here we have caliente peanuts, wafers smothered in Valentina hot sauce, and Japanese peanuts.  Bartender professionals, we can make this happen, right?

[Photo courtesy of Phil Strnad]

4 Responses to “Mission Bar Treats Need to Step it Up”

  1. DMZ says:

    Keep the treats (pictured or not) and the Guinness @ $4 and I’ll be happy :)

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  3. When is the triumphant return to Tijuana planned? Get back here already!

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  5. Grant says:

    This tj bullshit is nothing more than mexifornia trying to cover up the MASS KILLINGS in mexico. I WOULD ADVISE NO AMERICAN CITIZEN TO CROSS THE BORDER TO THE SOUTH FOR ANY REASON!!!!!!!

  6. Grant says:

    If mexico want’s tourism , it HAS To crack down on it’s own country. AMERICAN people are a little smart and if they think they are going to have their head cut off by going to party in TJ then they will prob not go. You can build all of the cool stuff you want over there but I will not come to visit. SORRY. TOO RISKY.I WOULD ADVISE NOT A SINGLE AMERICAN PERSON INTO mexico, FOR ANY REASON

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