Buskers Busted

Watch ’til the end!

The Ferocious Few, by the way, are touring up and down the west coast in May!


The Ferocious Four

Ferocious in the Streets

5 Responses to “Buskers Busted”

  1. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    Begs the question: if the music is good, does that make it ok to play loud without regard for other people’s enjoyment of the park? What if it was a Neil Diamond tribute band?

  2. Foot Powder says:

    I think that if you tried to bring a band that appealed to everyone you would get a shitty cover band. However, to stop the music just because one person can’t cover their ears for 30 minutes is not a good precedent. 30 minutes is about what I would imagine their show would last. If it bothered you that much go to the other side of the park. Really the high ends won’t travel that far. The only thing that will travel are the drums but the traffic up 18th and along Dolores is loud too. I wish I didn’t have to hear the drivers. These are the truly inconsiderate. They lay on their fucking horns at any time of day just because they can’t wait another 3 seconds. At least the Ferocious Few are bringing some art into the world.

    • SFDoggy says:

      Why do you think it is just one person that complained? Why is it that the band can’t follow rules? Sorry, the “go to the other the end of the park” answer is just lame and self-centered. It is basically justifying being inconsiderate and ignoring rules that allow everyone to enjoy the park.

      • Mark 2000 says:

        I think free music is free music. If the band plays decently then who cares if its punk of Neil Diamond. We’re San Franciscans. We should appreciate public arts.

  3. Joshua says:

    mission mission really loves the ferocious few, I respect that!

    as far as busking goes, if people don’t dig it, they don’t have to sit for it. I think what people get pissed on is the drums. drums piss anyone off, neighbors, street urchin, people in the next practice space. but the FF neeeeed the drums, its just not the same to see them w/o drums.