Ferocious in the Streets


Saturday we had the Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival’s big free concert at Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in John McLaren Park. Sunday we had Sunday Streets with all its roller-disco parties and drum circles, as well as the SF Symphony’s free performance in Dolores Park. Yet on both days, The Ferocious Few stole the show.


They’re impromptu and primitive, and also thoroughly entertaining. They’re drawing bigger and bigger crowds, so enjoy them now before they get signed and famous and start playing gutters in Monte Carlo or Beverly Hills or some shit instead of the Mission. Their CD, home made and usually available direct from the band (and pictured after the jump) is an extremely solid value.


The Ferocious Few Rock Out

ferocious few

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  1. teamawesome says:

    thats my friend chani’s hair on the right. (top pic)

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