Missionite Kirt Fitzpatrick Wins at Mountain Bike Nationals

Best Podium Shot Ever

Word on the street is that Mission resident and Sexual Camel team rider Kirt Fitzpatrick won his age category as a cat 1 (read: fast people) last weekend at Mountain Bike Nationals.  Major bonus points for embodying several hipster stereotypes on the podium.

In the event he inspires you to strive for athletic glory, he has previously shared some insights regarding his pre-season training:


I found this scan of Steve Prefontaine’s notes from a speech he gave in 1974. Let’s run down how I’m doing on the ole checklist.

  • My diet consists largely of alcohol and Mexican fast food
  • I’m sleeping in the living room of a home that calls itself “Casa de Chaos”
  • I skipped half my workouts so far this year

3 Responses to “Missionite Kirt Fitzpatrick Wins at Mountain Bike Nationals”

  1. visitor says:

    best racing advice:

    never believe a guy who tells you, “i really haven’t trained much this year”

  2. Corinna says:

    I’m quite willing to believe Kirt, as I subsist on a vodka/burrito diet. What an inspiring dude. Really makes me think I can make it happen. Anything, that is.

  3. abdi says:

    thank for advice…