Let's Go Get a Gatorade

Ramona might be onto something:

You go to the coffee shop with a friend, because that’s what friends love to do.  “Let’s go get a coffee?”  It’s either like get coffee or get a drink, which means alcohol.  There’s no middle ground.  You never hear people saying “Hey Chloe, wanna go get some Sprites?”  “Wanna meet for a Gatorade after work? A pitcher of spring water?  Sparkling? Yeah okay.”  I’d like to meet for a Gatorade because at least that would be hydrating, but no, the meetings always revolve around most water depleting thing – the coffee the beer, so you have to be like drinking water all day just to prepare for this meeting with your friend, who you don’t even want to talk to unless you can get either a stimulant or a depressant in your system.

Read on to see what happens when Ramona meets her friend for a coffee.

Photo by under one sky.

7 Responses to “Let's Go Get a Gatorade”

  1. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    I kept hoping for some kind of happy ending there but, apparently, the author is so fixated on the opposite that no other option is possible. Why is it all about dictating a drink option? Is your date only a sommelier?

    If I wanted to see more of someone, it would go more like, “Hey, want to go walking and talking?” or, if we were better acquainted, later, “What have you got to drink back at your place?” or, “What would you like me to pick up before we head over to my place?”

    Honestly, sometimes it seems like I have to teach you kids everything!

  2. //||\\ says:

    her blog is called, “not that serious.”

  3. Jo says:

    Maybe we could just get together and chew some caramels.

  4. SFSunny says:

    Did you just search for “Gatorade” online? Or was pic not random? That’s Viet, skater extraordinaire!

  5. nattles says:

    didn’t kids used to say “let’s go get a coke?”