Win A Rickshaw Bagworks Beerdolero!

Shortly after reading my thinly-vieled plea to reinstate the Beerdolero, the fine folks at Rickshaw Bagworks invited me down to: A. Obtain a hand-made Beerdolero. B. Tour of their facilities in the SF’s Dogpatch district (allegedly named by a drunkard). C. Dance an Irish jig for them (no joke).

The Beerdolero works great. It is a velcro-secured sleeve that you can attach to any strap, including the one affixed to your Gibson Flying V. Cans fit very snugly into the sturdy loops and wont fall out. It does weigh down the front a bit, so it helps if you are carrying something in the bag to counter-balance.

So why do you want this, aside from the fact that it completes your hipster douche outfit? First of all, this may be the only one you’ll ever see. You can’t buy it from Rickshaw because they only offer them as promotional items. It’s also clear that your beer-carrying situation is dire. How dire? Well, you’re gonna have to tell us… with poetry:

Post a haiku lament about your current beverage transport methods. Be sure to use a real email address in your comment. The best haiku, judged somewhat arbitrarily by us and Rickshaw, wins the Beerdolero. You have until Friday, 3pm to submit

Oh yeah, it’s probably bad to encourage drinking and cycling, so be sure to load this baby up with, uh, Hansen’s if you’re gonna hop on the bike.

Thanks to Lisa, Kati and the rest of the gang at Rickshaw Bagworks for being awesome. Rickshaw Bags is an environmentally conscious and completely local company that puts out super high-quality customized stuff. Be sure to stop by and say hi to them.

Update: Kati says that “Beerdoilero” should be spelled “Beerdolero”.

Also, more about the Beerdolero from Mark Dwight at Rickshaw Bagworks!

I just wanted to give a little background on our Beerdalero… we made the first three Beerdaleros for our company debut at Interbike 2008, just for fun, and raffled one each day at our booth. We have never made it available for purchase. For one thing, it takes about 2 hours to make a Beerdalero — and we make them right here in SF — so they would be ridiculously expensive at retail. Besides, not everything needs to be commercially exploited. We prefer to make just a few now and then for special occasions and special friends — like Mission Mission. Happy Cinco de Mayo! -Mark

45 Responses to “Win A Rickshaw Bagworks Beerdolero!”

  1. Sean says:

    silver bullets strapped
    securely against my chest
    hands free for whiskey!

  2. Rhiannon says:

    bike rack water bottle cage
    shakes up my fucking beer, man
    need a better way

    two beerdelieros
    worn by two hugging bros, yo
    cheers ten beers at once

    (I wrote two. Because that’s what you do when you’ve been eating cookie dough and drinking coffee and watching Trauma all morning)

  3. Rhiannon says:

    fuck. spelled beerdoilero wrong.

  4. ct says:

    baby in my arm
    always tries to drink my beer.
    one can, back pocket

  5. Katherine says:

    Brown bag, though great for
    consumption efficiency
    classy you are not

  6. Meesha says:

    cold fizzy carbonation
    purse held, bouncing about
    beer explosion, wasted

  7. Nuncle says:

    Need to haul more Pabst,
    messenger bag fits but six…
    Rickshaw FTW!

  8. Evan says:

    Strap on the High Life!
    Armed, with six rounds of “champagne”
    Somehow ironic?

  9. Nick says:

    Once lived on Army
    moved to L.A. with no car
    bikes to store alone

    (will arrange pickup in SF)

  10. party and bullshit
    shotgun beers, no hands, no time
    always need more booze

  11. deadly traffic gauntlet
    wreaks havoc on nerves
    cold beer soothes soul

  12. i mistyped “hipster” so i am forcing myself to contribute another one

    plimsoll line dropping
    help is on hand
    tecate my body

  13. bodah says:

    cooler, ice, and beer
    pales to Beerdolero’s cache
    panties drop all day

  14. Liz Dunn says:

    You never look in my eyes
    Always at my tits
    Now you’ve got beer to oogle

  15. Joshua says:

    tepid cans in hand
    two arms do not do as much
    beerdolero me

  16. Nate says:

    Messenger bags are
    Sad transportation for brews
    They deserve better

  17. J-Lub says:

    messenger bags are
    sad transportation for brews
    they deserve better

  18. J-Lub says:

    Nate stole mine!

  19. Nate says:

    Nice one Jake, if we win, we’ll give it to a third party!

  20. NeoCoffeeBoss says:

    Got the brown bag blues.
    Tall-boys sweat like fat hipsters,
    what would Rambo do?

  21. BAM! The game is on!
    Target spotted, bust the moves:
    “Hey there, Hot Stuff! Beer?”

    And a second one (just for fun!)

    Delores Sunday,
    hipster wankers surround me.
    They won’t steal my beer!

  22. kat says:

    True story:

    My trapezius
    aches from hauling a 12-pack
    in a stupid bag.

  23. HipsterEnvy says:

    Beer loaded Segway
    Really need Beerdolero
    I envy hipsters

  24. tendertundra says:

    these jeans: so skinny
    pockets useless, have no choice
    my frostbitten palms.

  25. koos42 says:

    My cans sometimes burst.
    Waterproofing works both ways.
    My bag smells of beer.

  26. baddy says:

    slick! the bike goes down
    total knee dislocation
    two hands on crutches

  27. Katie B says:

    Hot day at Dolo,
    Truffle guy came by my spot,
    Now my hands don’t work.

  28. P says:

    oh my aching back
    i wish to transport beer, well
    instead of my jugs

  29. same_talker says:

    Drinking and driving
    cold can in my crotch, win this
    and I might bike more

  30. Francis says:

    rockin’ my fixie
    five years too late but it’s fun
    how to get beer home?

  31. Padraic says:

    can’t sit on my Brooks
    flask in my back pocket. Shit!
    keffiyeh in spokes!

  32. twobigears says:

    reaching the hilltop
    the bottom finally gives
    six cans roll away

  33. frank says:

    ghost riding my whip
    taking Tecate to Paul’s
    not enough hands, damn

  34. putterbutt says:

    o my. joy. beers here.
    please, dear ones, come away. my
    kangaroo babies.

  35. sean o'shea says:

    a hip beer carrier?
    I’ll put an ad on craigslitst
    so I can sell it

  36. Treatrules says:

    my Fantas
    nestled in bosom
    bring all joy

  37. Treatrules says:

    sunshine, cool breeze
    Nalgene spoiled by booze stench
    the Avenues suck

  38. Eric says:

    Los Beerdoleros!
    Hay muchos como éste,
    Esto es mío.

  39. ThenIsaid says:

    here are the cold beers
    dangling snug, please have no fear
    yes they refreshing

  40. ThenIsaid says:

    i suck:

    here are the cold beers
    dangling snug, please have no fear
    they are refreshing

  41. sc says:

    desde la punta
    de La Lengua llegué
    por el 14

    cargando chelas
    en mi mochilla negra
    una ruptura

  42. dan says:

    I forgot about this til 4…

    I guess I missed the contest, but for your enjoyment…

    Another brown bag
    Torn with my life at the seams
    Fuck condensation

  43. Thanks Beerdolero
    Now little kids think drinking
    Is cooler than school

  44. Vic Wong says:

    Joshua wins it
    We thought his haiku was cool
    Not that yours was not

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  47. P.pilot says:

    Just needed a bag,

    Now all of them are too cool.

    Can’t win in this town.