Gaga 'Crotch Lift'

Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong (disclosure: he is my awesome bro) did a series of comic strips detailing what they experienced at Lady Gaga’s SF appearance at the Billy Graham Civic in December. Crotch lifts, machine guns, and gyroscopes? Count me in next time.

The rest of this series will be a part of a crazy Gaga fanzine put together by a bunch of indie comix guys based in SF: Prison for Bitches. Be sure to pick up yours when it debuts at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on Monday. What, you’re not going? Ok, well order it online, I guess.


Helllllen Does Lady Gaga

3 Responses to “Gaga 'Crotch Lift'”

  1. Leef Smith says:

    Still working on it, but should have copies available at Mission: Comics next week. People should also check editor Ryan Sand’s other zine Electric Ant –

  2. ryan says:

    Thanks for the post, missionmission! Here are a bunch of preview pics of the zine these comics are published in:

    I’ll be doing a second print run right after TCAF and should have copies in stock at Leef’s Excellent Mission Comics (on 20th btwn Valencia/Mission) by next weekend!!

  3. IrwinDolly says:

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