Valencia Doing Work

I accidentally turned left onto Valencia from 15th Street this afternoon, and it was like I was teleported into the post-apocalypse version.  What could have caused all this havoc to take place?  Luckily, intrepid MM “videographers” provide a peek below into the process behind the repaving of Valencia for the Streetscape Improvement Project:

  1. Humongous cement buster pneumatic drill to loosen up the pavement
  2. Group of foremen standing around chit-chatting
  3. Scoop shovel breaks up the street concrete into chunks, which are then scooped into an adjacent disposal truck for removal
  4. Cement crew gets busy and springs to action, with more cement trucks mixing in reserve


Coming Soon: Valencia Streetscape Improvements

Getting A Feel For The New Valencia

6 Responses to “Valencia Doing Work”

  1. Bob Dole says:

    Quit yer yappin’. They installed parking lots for your fixies and are smoothing out the road so your front wheels wont taco. If they earned themselves a five minute break, so be it.

  2. friscolex says:

    I’m so happy it’s moving along well. Long live smooooth pavement!

    Yesterday afternoon coming home from downtown, I did have to do a crazy Albion-Dearborn-Linda workaround to get through the madness after braving one block on the sidewalk and then deciding that even the high from the tar and scaring peds just wasn’t worth it. Forgot how nice those little streets are, especially since Albion Street’s reputation is no longer tarnished by the sketchy bar of the same name. And who doesn’t smile when they go by Bird St??

  3. Soft people are dulling my hood. says:

    It’s called Delirium Street now, doucheperson. Crazy madness ‘workaround’? The meek ARE inheriting the Mision.

    • friscolex says:

      Delirium Street, I see! Must have missed the memo! Well, The Albion was a crazy bar to sneak into in high school, not sure how the new place is. But absent of douchepeople, obviously! Sweet.

      Yeah, I guess heavy equipment tearing up the street and the stench of tar is madness to me. And I guess not going my direct route and taking side streets is a ‘workaround’ to me. But that’s just the meek in me talking, non ?

  4. [...] construction crews have finished re-paving the street and have commenced painting the new boundaries for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. [...]