Wish I Could Kickflip Home from Work

Ran into these little guys on the Valencia leg of my commute home this evening.  Gotta say, the kids around here are getting cooler by the week!  Good to see they still stop at red lights though.

[between 14th and Duboce]


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5 Responses to “Wish I Could Kickflip Home from Work”

  1. henry says:

    cool stuff but I didn’t see a kick-flip.

  2. Inquell says:

    yeah, no kick flips. I saw a body varial, and a 180. Though, at sunday streets i saw a 12yr old doing 360 flips and fakie varial flips. kids are getting kkrrrazzy good yo!

  3. NoKickflip says:

    No kick flip, nice try though.

  4. Vic Wong says:

    That first kid totally did a perfect Marty McFly (too bad he wasn’t actually jumping over anything)