Valencia Skitch


There’s a video, but you’re gonna have to go over to tumblr to see it.

[via Tenderloin Geographic Society, who apparently hangs in the Mission to escape all the gentrification going down in their 'hood]

16th st. BART thrashin’

Hey 16th St. BART: if you don’t want people skateboarding on your site, don’t build a bitchin’ skate park there.

Also see exhibit A.

[via lurk.skate.sf]

Dirty Mission

Ever wonder what the Mission looked like before “all those CCA taggers and fixie kooks” arrived?  Well, MM reader Eric Shea was kind enough to pass along this video, which he got from his buddy Joe Bay, who presumably got it from creator Patrick Gleason.

Check it out for some neat High8 footage of skating through the Mission in 1994 (around the same time that Fugazi would routinely play shows in Dolores Park).


Wish I Could Kickflip Home from Work

Ran into these little guys on the Valencia leg of my commute home this evening.  Gotta say, the kids around here are getting cooler by the week!  Good to see they still stop at red lights though.

[between 14th and Duboce]


Support Mission Skater Kids By Buying The Right To Take Photos With Them And Their Inflated Condom

SFPD Officer Threatens to Break a Skateboarder’s Arm, Allegedly Kicks Him Into Cruiser

You Bluntslid Dolores Park, What Was That Like?


KevMo Loves Potrero del Sol Skatepark

Drunk Skaters Skate Down Grassy Hill in Dolores Park

The Fix-Push Skateboarding Revolution!!!!

Sk8 or MUNI!

So because ‘sk8 or die’ is basically my motto and Muni is basically my municipal transit of choice, I’m really into this deck:

I’d tailslide the shit out of that thing, then stalefishgrab it and top it all off with a motherfucking sausage grind.

This website rules, btw. Read more about the actual board on Muni Diaries.

I’ll be done with this joke soon, guys, I promise.

Telephone Pole Skateboards from Hot Lunch

Reader Heather M. sends us a hot tip about hot lunch:

“you’ve seen the ‘wooden flyers’ that the guys from hot lunch are putting up around the neighborhood?”


Turns out that hot lunch is putting up skateboards all over the Mission advertising a show on Oct. 10th at El Rio.  Best of all, a skeleton is flipping me off.  Classy.


(Picture totally stolen from their MySpace)

"Extremely Sorry" at the Victoria


If you love acid-inspired skateboard films, make your way to the Victoria friday.




(Photo by Mission Loc@l’s Armand)

The Chili Bowl Was More Awesome Than I Ever Could Have Imagined

Jon Bauer photographing the Chili BowlPhoto by Jon Bauer

The Chili Bowl was an incredible way to squander away a Saturday afternoon: water balloons full of beer, a blood geyser coming out of a guy’s head, filthy jokes from the announcers, a punk band playing awesome songs like “you are dead, motherfucker” and “crack on Mission St.” within a few dozen yards of a playground full of children, and, of course, skateboarding.  This is definitely my kind of place.

If anyone doubted Allan’s recommendation of the park, you need to check Potrero del Sol out.  It is like Dolores Park, only it’s not full of trash, dead grass, cops, it doesn’t smell like urine, and there is actually interesting shit going on.  It even has its own miniature hipster hill, affectionately known as “lurker hill” by the announcers, where one can flaunt their keen sense of retro bicycle-parts aesthetic and complete apathy towards skateboarding while unfettering, drinking  and carousing.

lurker hill at Potrero del Sol

Anyways, I shot some SICK phone-video of the competition.  Sadly, my camera does not have a fisheye lens and I still know nothing about making skateboarding videos.  Bon appetit.

(link – YouTube)