3D City: Ride Shares

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Walking is for suckers. These folks know how to get around the neighborhood in style! Which reminds me, someday I’m-a get an exclusive 3D City photo shot with Segway-Poodle-Guy (Rocco and John, I believe). All shots taken in the Mission on my little Lumix 3D1.


Timbuk2 Has The Mission’s Ass Covered, Shells Out Free Rain Gear

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As a city cyclist, I count my blessings every time I go to mount up and my saddle hasn’t been stolen. Imagine my surprise today when I walked outside Atlas Cafe to unlock and found my seat had been upgraded with a snappy red rain cover! Of course, the altruistic act came with a pitch – Timbuk2‘s ninjas stealthily distributed the seat covers in support of a sale – but who can complain when a random act of kindness wards off a soggy bum? With this week’s dismal forecast we can all use an extra bit of shelter.


Reminder: 10 AM TODAY – Cesar Chavez Traffic Calming / Bike Lane SFMTA Hearing at City Hall

There’s an SFMTA hearing today at City Hall, 10 AM, Room 416, to discuss the bike lanes, traffic calming, left hand turn pockets, and eliminating some left hand turns.

Expect the typical NIMBY and you-ruin-my-commute opposition. Why not swing by and give some counter arguments?

For some historical perspective:

1874: Precita Creek, future path of Army / Cesar Chavez, via David Rumsey (West is up). Serpentine Avenue — the old northern boundary of the Bernal Rancho – had yet to be straightened out. You see reference to the sewer they are about to put in — the one that is about to be replaced over the next few years.

And some of the efforts at widening Army St over the years in conjunction with the mid century highwayfication of SF.

1940, @ Harrison:

1962, between San Jose and Guerrero

I just want to be able to ride my bike down Cesar Chavez and not think I’m going to die, OK?

Spelling It Out

Ce N'est Pas un Vélo
How many bikes are in this photo?

Full Moon Photography

Yeah, we all know there was an epic full moon the other night, but Tom B. sent these photos our way and they’re net level.  Full moons and clouds will never play out.