Just in Case

Just In Case

It’s Roof Week on Mission Mission.

New Ownership At The Elbo Room

Something About The Elbo Room

Apparently a change is coming at . . . The  . . . um . . . Elbo . . . uh . . . I’m really thirsty for some reason.

Spelling It Out

Ce N'est Pas un Vélo
How many bikes are in this photo?

Your Favorite Cranky Old Guy In The Mission

Our very own Cranky Old Mission Guy is jumping on the post-random-crap-you-see-around-The-Mission-on-Flickr-as-if-the-fact-that-it’s-in-The-Mission-means-that-it-deserves-a-space-on-the-internet bandwagon.

He’s getting some neat stuff. Unfortunately he is reserving all the rights, so I don’t want to embed them here, knowing how cranky he gets. I’ll describe a few choice pics, though.

• This one is a sign that instructs a passerby on where the restroom isn’t. As well as the classic 3 person cleanup.

• This one shows the lengths that people go to in our crime-ridden neighborhood to protect their most cherished belongings.

• This one ruins your childhood best friend. It’s been too long, you stuttering soul.

• Finally, this one shows someone experimenting projecting negative energy in a variety of ways.