Innovations in bicycle doggy transport

It’s as if Timbuk2 read our dog-smuggling post from earlier this week and saw the need to fast-track this prototype out the door. Announced today, the Muttmover is the latest in bicycle dog transportation. Watch in this video as a young lady stuffs a pooch into the bag and effortlessly rides from Hayes Valley into the Mission. Nice work on that Market St. triple-lane change!

According the description, the bag is meant for animals under 15 pounds, including felines. Although, good luck getting a cat to put up with this nonsense.

Timbuk2 Has The Mission’s Ass Covered, Shells Out Free Rain Gear

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As a city cyclist, I count my blessings every time I go to mount up and my saddle hasn’t been stolen. Imagine my surprise today when I walked outside Atlas Cafe to unlock and found my seat had been upgraded with a snappy red rain cover! Of course, the altruistic act came with a pitch – Timbuk2‘s ninjas stealthily distributed the seat covers in support of a sale – but who can complain when a random act of kindness wards off a soggy bum? With this week’s dismal forecast we can all use an extra bit of shelter.


Bento Bag: The Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger

While we here at MM may not have the most professional photography equipment in the blogoshpere, we nonetheless must be constantly prepared to take advantage of whatever visual gold this captivating neighborhood throws our way.  To that end, it helps to have instant access to whichever device we feel would most appropriately capture the moment.  At the same time, it’s not always prudent to carry around an obvious camera bag, not so much because of the possibility of theft (albeit still an issue) but more so to not be all, “Oh hey, camera guy over here, smile, no don’t stop what you’re doing, wait come back!”  Worse yet, you might be mistaken for . . . a tourist!

Enter the Snoop Camera Messenger Bag from Timbuk2, which the local Mission company was gracious enough to allow us to field test in our own unique way.  As you can see, this versatile bag offers near limitless customization options, with a padded liner featuring several modular compartments to fit all the different shapes and sizes of your lenses and similar gadgets (or RAZR camera phones).  It’s rather entertaining to play a tactile Tetris mini-game before heading out on your bike (don’t forget, it’s a messenger bag too) for an all-day photography exploration adventure.  Also, if you don’t want to worry about your gear and just need a bag for something, the whole liner is completely removable, transforming the Snoop into a sturdy, dependable transport companion.

If you’re the real deal, like the tens for instance (who might be needing a new name in a few weeks if he wants to stay current), this bag will definitely be able to handle all your stuff.  On the other end of the spectrum, it can also hold THE ENTIRE PHOTOGRAPHIC CAPABILITY OF MISSION MISSION, so we decided to take a brief excursion.  Of course, every adventure requires sustenance, and once again the Snoop did not disappoint:

Check that out!  The modular compartments also allow for optimal sandwich protection in addition to banana crushing and apple bruising prevention.  Truly a worthwhile and reliable necessity for the modern Mission photog (and it makes a great Christmas present too)!

Timbuk2 Bike To Work Day Event Tomorrow

In honor of Bike To Work DayTimbuk2 is hosting a party tomorrow at their new mission digs (583 Shotwell at 20th). There will be free food, music, and a brand of beer that may or may not have won a blue ribbon in 1893. And who knows, if you ask nice and sign a waiver, they might let you ride the Death Trap mutant bicycle. Staff will be on hand to repair bags if you got ‘em, too. The event goes from “5pm ’til you leave,” so be sure to bring a sleeping bag (don’t really do that).

For your commute home, they will also be hosting an Energizer Station at Mission playground on 19th and Valencia with drinks and snacks, from 5-7pm. More info here.

Allan and I got to tour the facilities last week and had a swell time. I was really impressed that Timbuk2 head honcho Mike bikes to work at least 3 times a week. “Big deal”, you say. Well, he does it from Novato which is 38 miles each way. This month, he’s doing it every day. I hope his office has in-house showers.

(Photo by Savage13)