Skateboarding in Dolores Park

Dolores Park was truly in fine form this Sunday evening.  As Allan already mentioned, this gang of pendejos sent out for five cases of PBR reinforcements at 6pm.  When they decided to start skateboarding down the hill, it was obvious that we were about to witness the premiere of Destination: Awesome.

I know absolutely nothing about making videos, never mind skateboarding videos.  That said, I hope you love the phat beats I put to the clips of people being awesome.

(youtubes Daily Motion (youtube was hating on my music.  Lame.))

8 Responses to “Skateboarding in Dolores Park”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    The music goes perfectly with the mentality. Hope everyone’s sleeping well back in Marin at Mom’s house.

  2. Bjorn Toulouse says:

    errbody knows real riders do in the street with glass, but frisco got Summer-soft and that’s how they roll. Haters are just nimby-lookin ass bitter-ass whiners.

  3. Bjorn Toulouse says:

    I’d rather watch that video that a lot of other time wasting looking ass stuff I see on the bosses dime. yo.

  4. Bjorn Toulouse says:

    feel me bruh

  5. Bjorn Toulouse says:

    bitchmade-lookin-ass haters.

  6. mai says:

    hi awesome! especially when the first guy has trouble going and then the next guy totally steals the show by whipping past him and staying on his board down the hill.

  7. wc says:

    anyone get a video of ‘that guy’ throwing somebody’s board down the hill over and over?

  8. party pooper says:

    no wonder they have to replace the grass over there. Fucking dumb ass hipsters