A veteran skater responds to uproar over skatepark noise levels

Our buddy Eric Ehler, who penned a very heartfelt review of the new skatepark for us, responds to the uproar over his recommendation that ambitious skaters hop the fence before the park’s 9am opening hour:

Thanks for publishing that review. Honestly, I didn’t think of the noise level that hard. I mean, as I thought about the problem, there was a construction crew jack hammering outside my door, at 7:00am.

Though that problem will go away (my construction), the skate park problem will stay. Maybe?

I think the piss problem can be solved, just need a public restroom, just like any other park, right?

But that noise. I was unaware that people were going in the middle of the night. I did it once, and its super hard to skate. Definitely the people going in the middle of the night are teenagers/kids. Not too many older skaters. It’ll all mellow during the school year.

Anyway, thanks for supporting the skateboarding community. I’ll urge folks to not skate after hours.

Thanks, Eric!

[Photo via a video by Luis Zavala]

15 Responses to “A veteran skater responds to uproar over skatepark noise levels”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    People who live next to a freeway are complaining about noise — from skaters? This is a joke, right?

  2. Duboce Dude says:

    I live across the street. The difference is regular droning white noise (freeway/traffic) versus irregular skateboard noises (landing/power sliding on concrete, etc). It’s not so much the decibel level, rather it’s how your brain perceives it. This oceans waves, which may be loud if your sleeping in the beach, versus an quiet irregular buzzing sound in a hotel room. You will not be able to sleep with the irregular noise. Your brain is hard wired to “wake up” because irregular noises usually mean DANGER!

    With that said, it’s not THAT loud, and the after hours skating has been significantly reduced to the point where I hardly notice it at all.

  3. Erik says:

    “Veteran skater” lol

  4. Bernal Rob says:

    Why can’t the skater guy just wait until it opens at 9AM. I use to BMX and loved it, but i wouldn’t wake up at 6AM to get up and ride our halfpipe. Just waiting until 9AM is the answer. The veteran skater just didn’t want to skate with the rookie skaters I bet.

  5. none of the people who have responded negatively to this post, have ever set foot in nyc