Just Get Out There and Push: The Fix-Push Skateboarding Revolution

Mission Mission pal Malcolm M. hipped us to this short documentary about a new trend born on the streets of the Mission District. Anybody tried it yet?

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12 Responses to “Just Get Out There and Push: The Fix-Push Skateboarding Revolution”

  1. Morguama says:

    Brilliant post. Your next documentary should be a spinoff with a crew of 1-rollerskate skaters.

  2. Jesse! says:

    Seen it! Lots of local Mission haunts in this one. RitRo, Gestalt and Blondies and a local skate shop I’m not familiar with… anyone?

  3. Tim Moore says:

    People really call it RitRo?

  4. Jesse! says:

    hahah I call it that when I’m typing… but I think it snuck into a verbal conversation that one time.

  5. horazmy says:

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  6. Tim Moore says:

    haha ok that’s cool I guess. Sounds like something Scooby Doo would say… rit roh!

  7. Max Harvey says:

    Haha yeah that sounds cool.

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